We have covered lot of startups in our blog who solves everyday problems of the common users. So many of my friends inquired me about a startup who can help them to plan pet friendly holidays. Travelling with your pets is a concept that is yet to catch up in India. Most of the resorts or holiday planners do not support taking your pets along with you to their properties. Almost all the resorts or even airlines have strict restrictions and rules when it comes to taking your pet along with you.

Many people consider their pet as part of their family. So it’s no surprise that they want to take their animal companions along with them on vacations. In US and European countries, there are a lot of startups who cater to the needs of pets and even help to plan vacation with your pets. Vacation packages are designed around the pets and their guardians. If you are not able to take your pet with you for the trip, there is an option to leave your pet in your relative’s house or your friend’s house. But it might not be comfortable to your pet and for your as well.

According to TakeYourPet.com (a US based travel resource for guardians of companion animals), the number of lodgings accepting companion animals in the U.S. now surpasses 20,000. They also mention in the report that a Marriott hotel general manager once said, Ive never had a dog destroy a hotel room. Ive had 100 people destroy a hotel room.

But is it possible to take your pets with you while you are holidaying in India! Yes it’s possible now.

CollarFolk, a one month old startup from Delhi helps pet parents go on an enjoyable and comfortable vacation with their pet. It is a one-stop solution to everything a pet parent would need and want to know as they plan and book a pet friendly vacation.


Travelling with pets in India is a relatively new concept, it being possible mostly if you have your own accommodation up the hills or down the coast. Today, Indians are only just exploring the idea. CollarFolk has good news. A Pet friendly holiday in India is now an absolute reality and something that is becoming incredibly easy to plan. CollarFolk is happy to be a part of this change in our country, where they are now facilitators of the ideal vacation one where pet parents can take the entire family, including their beloved pet! With a comprehensive list of pet-friendly resorts, hotels and home stays to choose from, and all the guides and information for a stress free pet vacation, CollarFolk helps make the dream holiday come true.

How does CollarFolk works?

CollarFolk has partnered with hand-picked properties across the country. Each of these resort/hotelisverified as pet friendly and no unpleasant surprises awaits you when you reach your destination. Even the verification process is performedby CollarFolk staff and it’s pet friendly as well.

Properties listed on the CollarFolk website are verified and checked for suitability and some of the key factors that are considered include:

  • The attitude and approach of the Management and staff
  • The open space in property, access to common areas for the pet
  • Add ons including vet on call, availability of pet food, Pet sitter, Pet friendly pool etc.
  • Shared Experiences and User Reviews


In addition, CollarFolk also provides pet taxi services in Delhi NCR. Co-operative and pet-friendly drivers, hygienic, well equipped cars with pet hammocks and back seat barriers, spacious interiors and reliable and convenient service are what makes their vehicles truly pet friendly.

The CollarFolk Story

CollarFolk was started by Rukmini Vaish who is a pet parent herself. Like every other pet parent, she faced this dilemma when planning a holiday, where will I leave Kiki? This got her researching properties that welcome pets and to her surprise there were quite a few. A couple of vacations with Kiki and she knew that every pet family would love this! Voila CollarFolk was born.

Pet Care Industryin India

Recently we have seen many animal loverswho have turned entrepreneurs to solve pet problems. Industrialist Ratan Tata has invested in a pet startup dogspot.in, an online pet supplies store.Indian pet care industry is one of the fastest growing market globally. Thanks to exponential rise in pet ownership in metros.The global pet care market has breached the $100 billion mark in 2014 with the US alone contributing to $58.04 billion. With over four million dogs, the Indian pet care market is pegged at over $1.22 billion with an annualgrowth rate of over 35 per cent.

CollarFolk Website

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