Your phone’s camera is good for lot more than just snapping photos. How about clicking an image and get to know the image information online. For example, you find amovie poster while you are travelling, and you want to know more information about the movie. You can either Google it or manually search for it. How about clicking a photo of the poster and you get information about the movie, the theatres showing the movie, timing, etc within a few seconds.

Did you everhad a ton of questions about something you like, like, What is this?, How much does it cost?, Where can I buy it?, with Pixarium Systems new mobile app, Scan It, all your questions will be answered. All you need to do is take a picture to get the answers to all your questions and the best online deals in under 30 seconds.

With Scan It, understanding the world around you has never been easier. Simply take a picture of any object andScan-Ituses mobile visual search technology to tell you what it is. Scan Itapp provides fast, accurate results with no typing necessary. Snap a picture, learn more. Thats it.

Scan It Mobile app

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Scan It is a mobile application that uses product recognition to cater to all your online shopping and information search needs. Now, you can forget about old-fashioned, text-based search and let your phone do the work for you! Just point your smartphone camera to anything you like and here’s what Scan It willtell you –

  • What’s in the picture
  • Price
  • Where it’s available – store locator
  • Product alternatives
  • Product Reviews
  • Google Search
  • Order online from your preferred online retailer

The app also allows a user, Google search anything they take a picture of hence making it a full stack informational app and not just a facilitator of online shopping, allowing a user to be completely independent when it comes to acquiring information about anything in the world!

Scan It is available for both iOS and Android phones. You can download the app from Apple Store and Google Play store.

Scan It also serves as a great marketing solution for retailers looking to maximise their marketing efficiency. Retailers can list themselves as sellers for particular products, and Scan It will display them as Scan It Suggested retailers under the store locator section along with their contact details and directions to their store and website. This means that retailers can reap the benefits of advertising at the right place and at the right time, exactly when a customer is most interested in their product, thus generating great brand recall.

How Scan It Works?

Scan-It is like your on demand third eye, for anything. It’s quick, it’s convenient and most of all, it’s FUN! See something you like? Is it a dog? Is it a flower? Is it a movie poster? Or is it something you want to purchase? Guess what – it DOESN’T matter! Just open the Scan-It app, take a picture and get the answers to all your questions! The app will tell you what breed of dog you’re looking at, what kind of flower your boyfriend gave you and the appeven tell you about the cool looking cellphone your co-worker is using.

What about Shopping?

When it comes to getting information about products, Scan-It will tell you how much the pictured product costs, where it is available, what you can buy instead and give you the option to order the product online from one of theirtrusted online retail partners like Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart. So you have a shopping assistant for FREE!


Oh yeah! You can book movie tickets too! Remember the last time you were walking out of a movie theater and you saw a cool looking movie poster? Bet you said to yourself “I HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE”! Well, what are you waiting for? Just take a picture of the poster, the app will give you the reviews, ratings, trailers and you can book your tickets instantly!

Scan It application is founded and developed by Vishrut Jhawar.Vishrut holds BSc from Boston University School of Management and has previously worked at Magma Fincorp and SKP Securities as a Financial Analyst.

Our Review

We decided to use Scan-It and installed the application in our Android phone. You can download Scan-It application from Google Play store and Apple store.

The first thing you have to do after opening the application is sign up to the app. So we decided to sign up. We need to enter your name, email address, phone no and password. Once successfully signed up, you are free to use the app.

There is a nice camera shutter logo with a message to open your phone camera.

Scan-It app

When you touch the logo, your phone camera is activated. You just need to take the picture of object that you wanted to search. We tried to search for a blue WD My passport external hard disk.

Scan-It app screenshot

Once successfully completed the search, the application opened the above screen where the product details are displayed. The online shopping results along with available retail locations are displayed. But the search results certainly needs improvement. (The product is in beta mode as of now)

If you click Flipkart or Amazon icons, the respective applications isopened along with the product details page of the item you searched.

Our Recommendations for the app

The app certainly is a gift for people who don’t like to type. The image search is really useful for people who use small phones where it is difficult to type. But the search results of the app certainly needs improvement.

As a customer, we would like to see the search results in a single window. The search result user interface could have been better to include the price, stock availability, online retailer name, discounts & offers to name a few. The app detected the correct product name. So we’re happy!

Along with the product name, we expected some more information about the product and product specifications would be perfect!

As of now a Google search of the product gives me more information rather than Scan-It app.

Google Search

Scan-It app is still in beta mode. So when it comes out of beta, the full functionalities would be available for use.

Despite these glitches and inconsistencies, Scan-Itis a fun app and definitely worth the price (it’s free). If nothing else, it can save you the time of typing search terms into your mobile browser.

If Google voice search is not giving you the right results or if the voice search is not able to detect your voice, then why don’t to try the image search with Scan-It.

Please provide your comments below and let us know how did you like the application. We would also appreciate your suggestions to improve the app so that the app developers can take a note of it.

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