So how many times have you faced this situation. You forgot to pay your newspaper bills or the bill collection guy visits you when you are not at home. Most of the times, the newspaper vendor has to go through several struggles to collect the amount from you or you have to wake up early so as to pay your newspaper bill. So the problem is really simple but the solution is a game changer. What if there is an app which will help you to pay all your offline bills online!

Yes, you got it right. Now you can pay your newspaper bills, cable bills, bills from milk vendor and even your kid’s school fee, all but from one place. Mumbai based One Wallet solves your problem of paying all of your offline bills. All you need is to register in One Wallet website or mobile app. Once registered, you will get reminders to pay the bill either on your phone as a message or email. You can add store and add services in the app and the app will auto generate the bill based on vendor’s inputs and the newspaper/utility prices.

What’s the benefit for end users like us?

You don’t have to wait for the vendors at your doorsteps. You can store all your bill details and the app will give you reminders once the bill is generated. You can pay it online, relax and sit back!

What’s the benefit for vendors (Newspaper/Milk/Cable etc)?

The vendors don’t have to spend too much time visiting their customers. They can enter their customer details and the customers will be notified about their bills online. The vendors will get payment online itself. Everything is organized and not chaotic! It saves time for the vendors and improves their productivity as well as efficiency.

One Wallet started with a vision to make the lives of those working in unorganized sectors easier. They started their venture with newspaper vendors and have developed a revolutionary mobile application One Wallet Newspaper that has successfully managed to take all of their business operations online. As of today, over 1500 newspaper vendors have registered with One Wallet and are enjoying the benefits like online bill generation and collection.

One Wallet

One Wallet is an online mobile app for newspaper vendors to generate bills automatically, send bills, manage business and provide online payment facility to their customers. The app is made to bring technology to newspaper vendors and reduce their workload and increase efficiency.

How it all started?

Mr. Neeraj Tiwari, the founder of One Wallet, has always been fascinated with technology and wanted to use technology for the benefit of the overburdened unorganized businesses. He was struck with the idea of developing One Wallet Newspaper when he found his newspaper vendor at his doorstep as late as 9:30 PM struggling with bill collection. He was determined to do something for the vendor and for the benefit of such businesses by giving them access to technology and helping them adapt to it.

Around Rs. 5000 cr. worth of bills are distributed and collected manually by 6 lakh newspaper vendors in India. With the launch of the application in November 2015, for the first time in over 2 centuries of the industrys history, vendors were equipped with technology and were collecting their bills online. The application once installed on the newspaper vendors mobile phone generates bills automatically within seconds, which earlier use to take around 15-20 days to reach his customers. One Wallet have tied up with 134+ newspaper publishers to procure paper prices and also provide important updates to the vendors.

Future Plans

By December 2016, One Wallet aim to connect with 50000+ newspaper vendors. Realizing that this is the best time for fresh and radical thinking, they have secured a patent to digitize the coupon subscription system and will launch the same in the next 2 months. Through this feature, the vendors can avoid the frequent losses incurred by them through loss of physical coupons. The vendors wont have to visit the publishers office to encash the coupons. Processing of coupons will be done online, thus saving time and energy of the vendors to a great extent. One Walletis currently operating in Mumbai and intend to cover the entire state of Maharashtra by July 2016.

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How One Wallet Works?

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