My friends who are hardcore gaming fans, before buying their smartphones, spenddays in comparing smartphones. My friends have two options. First one they had to go through various blogs which provide reviews of different smartphones. The second option is to go through websites which offer comparisons. As the eCommerce market is booming in India, customers have a wide variety of options available on which website to buy from. An estimate made by Goldman Sachs says the Indian e-commerce market could grow to $100 billion by 2020; it was just $23 billion in 2015. A Morgan Stanley study says India will have 320 million online shoppers by 2020 compared to 50 million in 2015. This shows the potential of Indian eCommerce market and why there are a lot of companies trying to pick their pie from this market. [Source]

But how are these eCommerce platforms helping customers like my friend who is planning to buysmartphones. The customers have a lot of options to choose from and where is their value for money? The purchase is the only visible part of their product buying decisions. There are a couple of stages that happens before and after the purchase. Information Search and Alternative Evaluation are the most critical stages in the consumer buying decision process for a consumer. If they don’t do the proper research, they will end up buying the wrong product and thereby reducing their return on investment. During his decision process, the consumers will pay more attention to their friends, family or the genuine user reviews than the advertisements.

So in this post, we are introducing to you a new startup which helps in your buying decisions. AspectWise helps you to find what’s best for you. The platformhelps people in figuring out which electronic device (Mobile / Tablet / Headphone etc.) to buy based on their needs and preferences.AspectWise uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to generate a summarized view of the hundreds of user reviews for any product, so that you can make a well-informed purchasing decision within a matter of seconds, and avoid regretting later. The platformshow genuine user opinions and derived ratings about each aspect of a gadget, and also how it compares to the user opinions on other products in a similar price range.


AspectWise is a startup launched by IIT alumnus Vivek Arya and Anand Ramachandran. Both of them previously co-founded MakeSense Technologiesthat created a proprietary search technology, which was later acquired by Indias largest job portal (Info Edge India Ltd) for Rs. 80 million.

Talking about the platform features, AspectWise helps you to find what’s best for you in the following categories – Mobile Phones, Headphone, Speakers, Laptop’s and Tablet’s.You can start your search by entering the price range and the platform helps you select the best device based on whether you are a selfie geek, design lover or a comfort conscious consumer. So I decided to search a smartphone for my wife who is a selfie lover. I decided to give the price range between Rs. 16000 and Rs. 25000. She is not an app lover like me, but she definitely wants to take some good selfies so that she can post it in her social media accounts.

Once you enter the price range, you can choose one aspect from any of these options – design fan, heavy user, camera lover, video buff, comfort conscious and gamer.


The search resultfor Best Android Phones for Selfies provided me various smartphones within the price range Rs. 16000 and Rs. 25000 with the highest rated smartphone on the top. One good thing that I liked is that the search page displayed the rating for each aspect as well. Based on the user reviews, each aspect is given a rating from 1 to 5. If you click on the rating, you can view the detailed list of reviews by each user. The reviews are pulled automatically from various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. You will have the option to purchase from various eCommerce platforms next to the search result which makes it easy for the user to navigate.

Best Android Phones for Selfies

If you click the smartphone product name, the user will be navigated to the next page which will have thedetailed product specs along with user reviews on each aspect and seller information. For e.g. Asus Zenfone Selfie is one of the top ranked selfie smartphones in the list. The below screen shows the various aspects of Asus Zenfone Selfie phone based on user reviews. You can also set an alert for price drop. The page also helps you to consider similar smartphones in the same category. Clicking on the seller button will take you the website of respective eCommerce platforms. When you clickview all comments, the platform will display the percentage of positive opinions and negative opinions.

Asus Zenfone Selfie

The platform also provides you the option to reset your filter based on various aspects of purchase like value for money, design, performance, battery, build quality etc. You can also filter using various smartphone features like Memory, brand, processor etc.

Oh, and did we mention? All of it is completely free for you!

So the startup is solving a real problem and helping the consumers on their buying process. This will be interesting for people who wish to buy online and are really conscious of their purchase decisions.

Are you curious to buy your next smartphone? Then give this site a visit

We would like to see more products being added to the platform along with an improved UI. Poor User Experience is the biggest turn-down for any website. We found it difficult to find out the team behind AspectWise as there is no about us page or a contact us page. A blog providing information on consumer search and ways to help them on during the search will add more value. This will bring inbound traffic to the platform as well. Also we would suggest to launch a mobile app as most of the consumer search is mobile oriented today.

Do give the website a try and let us know your thoughts about AspectWise on how it is helping you in your buying decisions. Please post your comments below.