Okay, let us be brutally honest! Startups have loads of things to do. Like, literally loads. They will have to meet number of investors on daily basis, have meetings with crowds, and they have to talk and explain their venture to everyone. (and the worst part is where you are halfway through the presentation and someone steps in and they want to know everything from the beginning so you got to start again. God!) Startups signed up for this, but then, they are signed up for success too and that wont come as easily as it is to dream about it. And what is the key of success?

As William Penn has said, Time is what we want most, but what we use worst

True, isnt it? We all are suckers for wasting time. Well, read as social media! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, we wasted all those countless amount of time on them, where we couldve invested that time we lost there somewhere else, where we could get fruitful results of what we have done. Maybe its about time we look up at these tips on time management, and specially for startups, its extremely helpful!

Time Management

  1. Prioritize

Yes, know what to do first. There may be hundred things that you should do today, but if you wont do them in the right order according to the importance to it, then all the efforts all go down the drain. Hard word is cute. But, smart work is cuter! Make a to-do list. Stick it to your desk. And yes, make the list according to the importance of the tasks. As you complete them all, strike them. And by the end of the day, you will not only have all your tasks completed, but also be satisfied and energy-filled for the next day!

  1. Use the technology

Be a 21st century startup! Harness technology. Use all those tech-tools that are designed for you. You can use them and customize according to your needs. Cloud solutions can be used for to store your data and synchronize the files, calendars, mark important dates and times, use online management tools to save your time and these are so useful, you wouldnt need an assistant!

  1. Identify time-wasters and pull the solutions out.

Stop that morning email-sucker session. Seriously, if not anything, it will waste good 30 minutes of yours in the morning. And social media, dont even get me started on it! And finally when you break out of them, you are stuck in traffic, driving, and your phone buzzes like a swarm of angry bees! Instead of all this, maintain specific timings for these email-social media sessions. Also, why not book a cab? So, youre free from driving and you can make those last-minute edits of the presentations! And you dont have to worry about the fare, did you know about ubers first free ride? Well, thats what Im talking about. Dont just go around, wasting your time stuck in traffic when youre already running late to meet an investor!

  1. Over planning/under planning

Go to a presentation or a meeting without planning? Nah-nah! And did you know about that Too much of anything is good for nothing? Well, I think you understood it all. Over planning and under planning, both of them are bummers. Who knows? You planned something down to every detail and it if it turns out not-so favorable? Learn to be spontaneous and dont waste time over planning. Under planning is equally hazardous. Take a note of it!

  1. Set deadlines

And act accordingly. Know the amount of time an activity or task is taking. Set the deadline to it and plan your schedules according to it. Again, here, a to-do list will help you more than everything! Seriously, it works wonders! When you act according to the schedule that you planned, you will relatively complete your work faster and you may even find spare time for yourself!

todo list

Time is the most precious source any startup can have. Using time accordingly will not only help you now, but overtime as well. So Prepare, Plan and Prosecute!


About the Author:

Lavanya is a blogger, a bookworm, dreamer and a do-er. Loves shopping online and readsinspirational biographies of famous personalities. Taking her steps towards entrepreneurship, she likesexploring the world and a believer of nirvana.