Making plans for the weekend or a special occasion, but driving in the traffic is definitely a mood killer. And when you are going in a group, the question always is who is going to drive, and who is the designated person driving everyone back home, it is a mess! And if it is a special night and you might be drinking, and then it is not okay to get behind the wheel, so at times like these, a cab is a savior. By booking a cab you are making it easy for everyone joining you, to relax and enjoy while going someplace nice.

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By booking a cab you can have a fun ride amongst the traffic also, because you are not the one behind the wheel having to worry. And with Uber, the drivers are encouraged to drive even on occasions and stressful dates such as New Years Eve, Christmas party or regional festivals, by offering an extra incentive to them. Use Uber promo code to add an extra benefit to your payment. And when you travel as a group you dont have to worry about overspending as you can pool all in together and split your cash payment. And with the demonetization you can even go cashless and pay with your mobile wallet.

There are many benefits of travelling by a cab over your own vehicle, because this way you have the opportunity to gain reward points or discounts on your first few rides. Sounds exciting doesnt it? And another reason is, instead of spending on petrol, you are spending close to that amount on a ride with a Uber cab that will drop and pick you up safely. And be it whatever time, you can find a cab closest to you, and make sure to avoid peak hours and routes with extreme traffic. Another comfortable way to travel is by bus. Use Abhi bus cashback offers and travel in comfort through the busy cities.

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Sometimes you might want to let loose and have a drink, but worried about driving, well dont, be a responsible citizen and book a cab. Because safety to you and your co-passengers is a must, so why drive when you can comfortably book a cab with Ola or Uber. Go ahead and enjoy the incentives such as 50 INR off on your first 3 rides and others that varies from different apps. And you can always check your ride estimate and pre plan your budget before leaving your home.

In the modern-day today, there is an app for almost every service. And to make your every activity more convenient. These days every house seems to have more than one vehicle, and take the more eco-responsible step by booking a vehicle for everyone to pool in together. As when you are out with friends you can always split the cost. And be smart while booking, timing matters, so avoid the peak hours as there might be a hike. And also check the estimate before confirming your ride. And if you are worried about carrying too much cash, you can simply just pay with your mobile wallet. Enjoy your ride and get the control in your hand with the ultimate choice of comfort.


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