The evolution of social media has helped many traditional businesses to find new homes. One such business is the online art marketplace. The art market is changing. Thanks to social media. It has changed the way, consumers discover art. Recent years have seen the shift in both consumers taste in different art works and also the sales channels.

Traditionally art fairs, both local and global, are the most important point for acquiring new buyers.Once hesitantabout the online market, the industry appears to have reached a level of acceptancefor online sales as an important channel for lower-end art and antiques sales, according to TEFAF report. Despite a relative slowdown in the global art market, the online art market grew by 15 percent, to $3.75 billion in 2016, according to Robert Read, head of art and private clients for Hiscox.

The Indian art market is worth around Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1200 crore which is 20x more than what it was a decade ago. With the emergence of e-commerce, art has found one more sales channel which is widely accepted than the traditional art fairs. Also online art marketplaces is affordable to everyone. It is not restricted to wealthy. Online art marketplace is playing as an entry point for new art buyers as well.

Online art marketplace buying process

Buy paintings online

In India, online art marketplaces are making its entry in the last few years. One such marketplace is is a leading Online Art Gallery based in India & open to the world for connecting art and art admirers. You can browse and buy Artwork and Paintings including Buddha Paintings, Ganesha Paintings, Radha Krishna Paintings etc. Other categories include Abstract Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Floral Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, and Landscape Paintings etc. They have a well-known and amazing artists work on display.

With more than 3000 paintings, Gallerist is exhibiting the art online created by 900 artists worldwide.

Once your artwork is ready, you have to register on Gallerist.With a simple registration process, they allow you to sell paintings as many as you choose, with the freedom of putting up the price you want. Marketing team at supports an artist to sell art online by various promotional methods including social media marketing & Google search.

Becoming a verified artist on Gallerist helps an artist sell his paintings fast. He is then eligible for getting benefits like his paintings are placed on top, new paintings can be highlighted on website Home page in section New on Gallerist, Gallerist team will do the quality check up & stamp his paintings for Quality assurance, Gallerist team will support him in selling the paintings by various promotional methods.

Joining the platform is free and the artist has to pay only when his artwork is sold. The platform will charge a commission and the artist will get his money post deductions.

Gallerist was co-founded by Mr. Sankar Thakur & Mrs. Sangeeta Choudhary (contemporary watercolorists) in the year 2013. Today, Gallerist has a team of more than 35 people to look after all the activities from their office in Delhi.

The buyers can buy paintings from a large collection of paintings available in the online store.All the artworks on Gallerist are original and handmade. The artist and their artworks are manually verified so are the documents and certificates. Gallerist also has a panel of artists who verify the artwork before it is sold. The customers can browse through the various drawings and paintings categories available in the store.

The categories include abstract paintings, buddha paintings, wildlife paintings, nature paintings, modern art paintings, graffiti drawings, illustration drawings and many more. You have the option to choose by artist as well.

Modern Art Painting

Modern Art Painting

The customers can also choose paintings based on your room (living, dining, bedroom) and the material / surface used to create the paintings. The paintings are available in different price ranges as well. (starting from Rs. 2000 and above)

With the growth of e-commerce, online art marketplaces are finding new avenues of selling. These platforms are helping emerging talents to showcase their creativity as well as an affordable platform for the art buyers to buy the art. With new age modern homes, the consumers are also liking different art form to display on the wall of their new home. Consumers are spending on experience rather than material goods. The challenge for these online marketplaces is to build trust among new buyers and create loyalty so that these buyers return to their marketplace. But overall, the online marketplaces are making the process of buying art online a less intimidating affair.

Few paintings from Gallerist gallery.

Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives 15 Painting

Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives 15 Painting


Buddha Painting Ananda

Buddha Painting Ananda



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