A new Adobe Digital Insights report, Best of the Best JAPAC, was released today, highlighting the Internet usage trends demonstrated by consumers in the developing countries and the role played by smartphones in driving new Internet users.

Smartphones in India

The report leverages Adobe Analytics to aggregate anonymous data from 100 billion visits to more than 3,000 websites in Asia, including 16 billion visits from India. It presents the average and top performing benchmarks across industries including Retail, Media and Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, and High Tech, and looks at parameters such as share of smartphone and desktop visits, stick rate, conversion rate and minutes per visit among users.

Spotlight findings for India include:

– Volume in smartphone traffic is growing in India across all industry sectors, but grew fastest in Retail with 45.3% average year-on-year growth, followed by the Media & Entertainment sector at 39.2% and Travel & Hospitality at 34.4%.

– Gaps in smartphone traffic widened dramatically between the best industry performers in the Finance sector as well as Media & Entertainment. Leaders are pulling away to capture higher share of traffic versus their competitors. In this respect, the best performers in Retail had the greatest gap between the best and the rest, with smartphone share totalling 67.8%. Top performers in Media & Entertainment sat at 53.0%. Top performers in Finance recorded a lower performance of 22.1%, suggesting there’s still room for fast-moving and innovative players in this sector to attract customers post-demonetization phase in the country.

– Desktop share of visits were down YoY in every industry except for Finance, indicating consumers in India continue to access financial content on the desktop device. Desktop share of visits in Travel & Hospitality and Retail sector decreased the fastest in 2016.

– Mobile optimization is playing a big role in helping consumers complete their digital needs faster, reducing their overall online time. This underscores the pressure on brands to get it right the first time, by driving innovative and personalized online engagements.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become an intrinsic part of consumers’ daily lives providing multiple touch points for brands to deliver an enhanced experience. The report highlights that Twitter has been embraced by brands across industries and Instagram has gained more adoption year-over-year as compared to other channels.

Key Highlights: (India & all over)

– Smartphone share of visits grow in India – every industry saw spike in visits except finance.

– India is the primary driver of new internet users via smartphone

– Desktop share of visits continues to decrease in all countries

– Except Finance, all industries in India saw a decline in desktop traffic. Retail, travel & hospitality saw a sharp rise.

– Consumers are coming back to the sites that they have visited earlier in India. Retail saw the highest average visit rate of 1.52 per month. Finance & travel saw a decline in visits.

– Consumers are spending less time on websites.

– Paid search and social poised to be content engagement battlegrounds in Asia-Pacific.

– Twitter is widely accepted across all industries. Instagram gained more adoption year on year over any other social media platform.

You can download the report from Adobe website. – Click here to start the download