Have you ever faced an emergency with your child in the middle of the night? Has your child ever fallen sick at an odd hour? Did your child ever fall ill on a vacation? Now you don’t need to worry. There is a pediatric app for parents which will help you take care of your child’s health.

DoctorAlways Android App

DoctorAlways – a startup pediatric app by Doctor Always Healthcare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is bringing expert medical advice to parents wherever they are. On downloading this app, parents can get specialist medical advice in times of an emergency or even otherwise. Whether it’s the middle of the night, on the road while traveling or across the world – DoctorAlways has a team of qualified pediatricians whom parents can reach out via video call, audio call or even text message. Parents can also book appointments with pediatricians through the app.

According to recent research, India only has 0.6 doctors per 1000 people – a worrying statistic that basically means that Indians are unable to get the quality medical care they need, when they need it. This figure is even lower when talking of qualified pediatricians, who are mostly concentrated in urban areas. DoctorAlways is trying to bridge this gap by providing quality pediatric care to everyone no matter where they live.

The app was initially designed to help at-home mothers take better care of their children by accessing professional care whenever needed. The idea was to empower mothers with the decision-making that was usually the father’s prerogative. With DoctorAlways, mothers now have the option of directly connecting with expert pediatricians while at home. However, the team found that fathers used the app as much as mothers did for the smallest of queries like how to make a baby stop crying, and the targeting of the app changed from just mothers to parents.

The primary aim of the app is to provide instant medical advice to parents. It’s a very simple process as well. Parents can log onto the app, enter their child’s basic information like age, weight, and gender and choose a pediatrician from a list available. The list shows a doctor’s profile, experience, and expertise and therefore parents are able to make an informed decision. Parents in need of urgent advice can make a video call, or in case of small queries can make an audio call. Those in need of a quick reference or cross-check can even text a qualified doctor. Parents can also upload additional medical documents like information about allergies, vaccinations, past illnesses etc. to help doctors give the correct advice.


Apart from connecting with doctors, the app allows parents to book appointments with leading super-specialist pediatricians like allergy and asthma experts, lactation experts, child counsellors etc. It also acts as a platform where parents can store, review and retrieve all medical information about their child in one place. The vaccination reminder is a great feature that parents love since it helps them be accurate and up-to-date with and plan vaccinations in advance.

The DoctorAlways app is a great step forward in making quality child healthcare available to everyone through just the tap of a button. Now, there’s no need for parents to feel insecure when traveling with a small child or to feel helpless in the middle of the night. With DoctorAlways, quality advice is just a call away. To know more, please visit http://www.doctoralways.com.

Download the app on Google Playstore: http://bit.ly/DoctorAlways

Started in September 2016 by Dr.Gurmeet Soni Bhalla – a leading pediatrician based out of Bangalore and Anuraag Rai Kochhar- a business and technology consultant and IIM Bangalore alumni, the company aims at providing quality long distance healthcare consultancy services. Currently focusing only on pediatrics, Doctor Always, is the company’s first pediatric consultancy app for parents in India. The app also has a specialist Pro version for doctors.