Think about your daily routine: How much time do you really devote to various tasks and to-dos? If youre like most people, you probably dont track itand you probably have more detours to productivity than you realize.

Take, for example, the daily dilemma of what to wear to work or other activities. Your closet is likely full of all sorts of clothes that may or may not match (or be ironed). And you might try on at least one, if not several, different things before deciding what to wear.

But what if you could recapture that timeeven just 10 minutesand use it elsewhere in your day, simply by eliminating the choice? Its a small decision, but one that successful people such as the late Steve Jobs realized: The little decisions added up, and by skipping those, one could end up with more time to dream, to think, and to plan.

What can you do to mimic those people? Use this graphic to find out.


Daily routine of successful entrepreneurs. Which one do you follow. If not, do you wish to start one. Post your comments below and let us know about your life changing idea.