We all get ideas that were sure will revolutionize the world. Often, we dont act on them or its not convenient at the time to embark on executing that vision. But sometimes an idea sticks around and grows. When it comes to mobile web app development, you start to become sure that your app will change the face of smartphone interactions for generations to come.

However, theres competition to consider and the entire process of getting from an idea to a successful app launch. Essentially, you need to know what the next step is for turning your app daydream into reality.

great app idea

Set your eyes on the target

Your mobile app needs to answer a question or solve a problem for a particular type of person or group. Thats why the first step is identifying your target market.

You need to find out if the idea is going to be accepted by that group and generate you a return on your investment. There is no single product that is for everyone. Each and every commodity started out being targeted to a particular demographic, and then caught on to other groups the same is true of apps.

Get your thoughts down

Dont carry the idea around in your head you need to get it down on paper. Think about the features your app needs and how these relate to or enhance its purpose or make it easier to use by your target audience.

Once youve got your thoughts down, you can create a mockup with a prototype tool. You can either enlist the help of a professional app developer at this stage or search for your own design toolkit. Youll need a tool that allows you to design the mockup and wire frame easily and lets you share your design with your team and clients. Its best to try out a few to figure out which works best for you. Keep in mind that if your app idea is for iOS youll need a Mac, but Android apps can be developed on Windows, Linux and Macs.

Find a great partner for development

If you didnt already enlist help for the prototyping stage, you should be looking for a development partner that has a great portfolio, a real interest in your app, client records and references, and know-how for strategic planning. Theyll be willing to collaborate, but you dont want to hand over control of your app development only to have someone stray from your vision.

The reason you want a development partner on board is so that they can help you with back-end skills and refine your design for the best possible user experience. Keep an open mind and be thorough as you find a helpful working partner for your app.

Test the market

Now that youve got your prototype and a partner to develop it into the real deal, you need to test the app prototype to see if its an idea that will sell. Dont go racing ahead into building the entire app just yet. First, you need a reliable sense of your target audiences interest in it.

This is done best with a landing page that describes your app, its USP, features, benefits, and everything else relevant. Creating a landing page devoted to your app will let you find out if people like your vision, and in turn help you earn more, improve your UX, and scale your idea when youre ready.

Find an investor

Great investors fund new ideas and startups for a cut of the ownership equity. You need to weigh whether selling a percent of your business is worth it, or if you can and want to bankroll the idea on your own. If you do decided to go the route of an investor, seek them out on the various online search engines dedicated to matching investors with startups, and read reviews.

Optimize your app so it can be found

Once youre app is launched and in the App Store or Google Play Store, youve still got more work ahead. A successful app idea doesnt end with execution and launch.

You need to optimize your mobile app so its easier to find and has good visibility in a store with 1.5 million other apps vying for attention. Think of optimization on the app stores as essentially like SEO: with the right keywords and features on your page, it helps you climb the ranks of search results and earn more downloads.

Listen to Feedback

Just as feedback in the testing stage is invaluable, so too will it help you sustain the life of your app and grow the audience (and profits). Listen to your users and act on their feedback to improve on your app idea. This will help it evolve and grow with each version released, and gives you a better chance at longevity in the crowded app world.