How many times has it happened that you had to sit cramped up in middle seat because the counter lady told thats the only option available? Or you have to sit a few rows away from your family on the same airplane journey?

While everyone like to research a lot to book desired flights at great deals, seat booking is more a mundane task. Post your flight booking, the whole process of logging in, going to My bookings, seeing the seats, reserving a seat is a multi step process and only few really enter that funnel.

So how did Goibibo solved this problem for 95% of their users?

Goibibo has been investing heavily on AI & conversational platforms for sometime now. Through their GIA (In-house intelligent conversational chatbot) & Whatsapp for Business, they already have made things like post bookings queries, e-ticket delivery, hotel reviews much easier.

So, Goibibo decided to go the conversational way. What if a simple message comes in your Whatsapp telling Your preferred seats are filling fast, reserve yours now?

In a conversational design approach, the limitations of Whatsapp pushed the team to innovate. There were 4 major problems/limitations they had to solve;

  1. Show the entire layout on-screen without any redirections
  2. Demarcate the different categories of paid seats (Yes front of airplane Aisle is expensive than the rear one)
  3. Limit the number of user inputs (To as low as single word reply for free seat!)
  4. Make a scalable design (A320 vs A380?)

Goibibo bookings confirmation

Once your booking is confirmed, Goibibo will send a booking confirmation message to your WhatsApp along with the copy of your eticket in pdf format.

Post your booking confirmation, the app will send a reminder message for you to block your prefered seat before it’s filled up. They will send a reminder to your WhatsApp along with the seat layout.

Goibibo WhatsApp seat confirmation

Intuitive seat layout; with beautiful usage of colourful heart emojis depicting different categories of seats. Why hearts? Because thats the only icon with 6 colour options available in WhatsApp!

If its a free seat, all you need is to reply with your prefered seat number. Thats it. Your seat is reserved. For a paid seat, payment link will be sent to your WhatsApp. Complete the payment and your seat is confirmed. The entire process through WhatsApp without even logging to the website or app.

Goibibo WhatsApp seat confirmation

And the result of this new design? Seat bookings increased 5X in the first few days after going live.

Currently the feature is live for Indigo bookings, but soon it will be available for all major domestic and international airlines bookings as well.


This design hack is just a perfect example of a simple, innovative feature which will help the consumers a lot.

Next time you book tickets with Goibibo, sit back and relax. Your favorite Aisle seat is just a Whatsapp message away!


Article Source: Goibibo Blog post