Indian Railways is all set to get eyes in the sky as it prepares to deploy “Drone” cameras in all its zones and divisions for various railway activities to enhance safety and efficiency.

Drone cameras will provide real-time inputs for activities related to relief and rescue operations, project monitoring, progress of important works, conditions of track and inspection related activities.

They will also help in better regulation of traffic and tracks and identify potentially dangerous situations in and around railway stations thereby improving safety.

Indian Railways Drones

Drones are representative of Railways aim to use technology for the best possible services for its consumers.

Minister of Railways, Government of India, Mr. Piyush Goyal informed through micro blogging site Twitter, about the use of drone cameras to enhance safety.

West Central Railways will become the first Zonal Railway to procure Drone cameras in Indian Railways.Under this initiative, West Central Railways with headquarter at Jabalpur (M.P) has become the first Zonal Railway to procure Dronecameras in Indian Railways. West Central Railways has already done a trial-run of those cameras on it’s all the three divisions in the following locations.

The Indian Railways shall be appreciated for this futuristic step that they have taken with the help of technology. Drone cameras will help railways to enhance safety by regulating the traffic in a better way, crowd management as well as infrastructure management.

India is the second largest populous country in the world. Considering the large railway network it has, the drones will help in better crowd management especially during festival seasons and in times of accidents.According to, the countrys festival seasons are a definite motivating factor in implementing these drones. Every year, millions of citizens migrate throughout the country using railroad infrastructure, and amassing useful data as to how to optimize this activity is certainly a rational and affordable response when considering drones as the tool to do so.

The drones will also help railways in inspecting bridges, monsoon preparedness, safety patrol, disaster management and any other natural mishaps. With the help of data which can be captured using drones, we can really hope that railways have taken a correct step considering the future of drone technology.


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