Amazon announced the launch of Kindle Lite, the lightest reading app for Android in India. An India first product, the Kindle Lite App is less than 2MB and provides Kindle features that customers love, including personalised recommendations, Whispersync (synching your eBooks across devices) as well as free eBook samples and titles across English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam. During the first month of launch, customers will also get 80% cashback on their first eBook purchased on Kindle Lite through Amazon Pay.

Kindle Lite consumes less memory on a customers phone while providing a great reading experience – even over slow internet connections and patchy networks. It is available to download for free on the Google Play Store for all Android phones.

Kindle Lite

Amazon launched the Kindle Lite app as an open beta on Google Play Store last year to improve the customer experience with faster downloads, instant reading and a lighter app. With Kindle Lite, customers can read eBooks instantly without having to wait for the entire book to download. Customers can also enjoy existing Kindle features such as easily buying eBooks, having a personalised shopping experience, ability to zoom into images, night-mode for reading, changing font sizes and simply navigate through the table of contents for a better reading experience.

  • Developed for readers using smartphones with limited storage and on 2G/3G networks
  • Shop & read instantly from a collection of over 5 million eBooks in English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam; includes 30,000 free eBooks
  • Launched as an India-first product, Kindle Lite offers the Kindle reading experience even on 2G/3G networks
  • Kindle Lite customers receive 80% cashback with Amazon Pay for their first eBook purchase on the App

According to Arjun Kochhar, an early adopter of Kindle Lite, The app is less than 2MB and powerful. It loads quickly and the browsing is super-fast as well. I love that I can manage app storage and only keep eBooks I love on my phone. This gives me more space for other things like pictures and music. This is one app I will never need to delete! 

As part of our continued focus on India, we are always working to improve the reading experience for our customers. Apps constantly compete for space on a mobile phone and Kindle Lite solves this problem for our readers, said Rajiv Mehta, Country Manager, Kindle. Kindle Lite is less than 2MB and built to provide a great reading experience even on 2G/3G networks. 

The Kindle Lite app is available for download now on the Play Store. Customers can also continue to enjoy full Kindle for Android App.

Kindle Lite App for Android  Lighter and Faster 

  • Lightest Reading App Kindle Lite is less than 2MB and downloads under a minute on your phone. You dont need to worry about running out of memory for your photos, videos or music anymore. 
  • Read instantly You dont need to wait for eBooks to download completely to begin reading. 
  • Read on all networks – Read your favourite titles on 2G/3G networks. 
  • Uses less space on your phone Kindle Lite allows you to actively manage storage for downloaded eBooks as well as monitor your data usage over WiFi or mobile networks. 
  • Ease of navigation – Whether it is moving to the next chapter in your book or searching through your library, Kindle Lite allows you to move between pages seamlessly. 
  • Read across 6 languages Read your favorite titles across English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam. 

Download Kindle Lite Now

Kindle Lite is supported on phones with Android 4.4 and above.

Our review of the Kindle Lite app

Excellent app with size less than 2MB. Kindle Lite won’t hang your smartphone for sure. You don’t need to carry your kindle every time you go out. Sync feature will sync your ebooks across devices. The best part of Kindle Lite app is that it provides all the basic features which provides you a fantastic reading experience on your mobile device. You can view your library and start reading again from the page where it was stopped. You also have access to estore so that you can buy ebooks at any time you want. 

The features like skipping pages, table of contents, night mode and adjust text size are available. Other features like bookmark, dictionary, text highlighting are missing in Kindle Lite. But considering the size of the app and the necessity of the features, overall the app provides a fantastic reading experience. 


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