Whizzy Logistic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. launched a mobile application called Whizzy. This application provides delivery services and solutions to residential and small business customers via its sophisticated technology platform. This application helps the customers to pick-up and (or) drop off any item, buy anything from anywhere or any other type of tasks or errands that are required.


The promoters of the company Mr. Ravi Gollapudi and Mr. Ravi Bathi launched the Whizzy logo, mascot, website, application, and services. Talking about the mobile application, Mr. Ravi Gollapudi said, Whizzy stands out from the crowd by addressing a wide-spectrum of its customers needs across various sectors instead of being limited to the food or grocery delivery segment. Mr. Ravi Bathi said, Whizzy has per-km pricing and charges based on the trip distance. By choosing Whizzys services, customers will invariably get free time which they can utilize to do more productive things like spending time with a loved one, indulging in a hobby or just cruising through the day in a stress-free way!

Customers can get their tasks done via an app, a phone call, or WhatsApp. Moreover, customers can also use WOW (Whizzy on Web) to place and track multiple requests. Requests can be made in real-time or can be scheduled. Whizzy also allows 4-hr and 8-hr packages for customers having multiple errands to be done in a day.

Whizzy provides quality service via their highly trained delivery personnel. The delivery personnel is expected to have conversational skills in English, Hindi, and a regional language. They need to be familiar with the delivery application, understand the companys core values and principles, perfect the Whizzer code-of-conduct and have problem resolution & exception handling techniques. As part of their hiring process, Whizzy ensures that their delivery personnel has a smartphone, two-wheeler, a driving license, and a vehicle RC.

After launching its beta services in August last year for about 2 months, Whizzy opened up its services to the general populace in November. There has been a positive response for its services primarily through word of mouth publicity and, till date, has successfully completed over 3,000 deliveries covering over 15,000 km. Speaking about Whizzys plan for Hyderabad, Mr. Ravi Gollapudi said, In Hyderabad, Whizzy is aggressively aiming to generate 15,000 requests per day through various marketing activities and is targeting a Whizzer headcount of 1,000 by the end of 2019, Furthermore, he said, The plans for launching Whizzy in other cities in 2019-20 are also in the works.

How Whizzy works?


Using Whizzy platform, you can have the convenience of getting anything done from the comfort of your home just at the click of a button. They offer three types of services, namely, i) Buy, ii) Pickup/Drop, and iii) Other Services.

Some of the many use cases for Buy include:

  • Get you a birthday cake
  • Buy a flower bouquet
  • Get your medicines

Some of the many use cases for Pickup/Drop include:

  • Get your lunch box from home
  • Bring your laptop charger from home or office
  • Get your dress from the tailor

Some of the many use cases for Other Services include:

  • Deposit your cheque in the bank
  • Pay your bills

Try Whizzy from your laptop or desktop by going to their WOW website

Get Whizzy on Google Play

How does Whizzy work?

Using the WHIZZY app, which is available in Playstore and Appstore, you can place a request to send the nearest driver available matching your need to the pickup location. The driver picks up the goods and heads to the drop off location given by you. You can track the driver during the trip. The driver delivers the goods and completes the trip. You will be prompted to pay for the trip amount. You can rate the driver regarding the trip.

Whizzy charges based on the distance between the pickup and drop off points. Additionally, there might be a waiting charge depending on the order. The costs are system calculated and given to you before the order is confirmed. (according to Whizzy terms and conditions)

At present, customers are offered to pay using credit/debit cards, Wallets (Freecharge and Ola Money), Net Banking. Customers can also choose to pay later by selecting the SIMPL (https://getsimpl.com/) payment service (if eligible).

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Whizzy is based out of Hyderabad and founded by Ravi Gollapudi and Ravi Bathi, both of whom relocated from the US after working with tech majors in the US. 

Our take on Whizzy

The success of apps like Whizzy is the lazy urban Indian youth or youth who don’t want to spend time in unproductive chores. Whizzy is similar to Dunzo, hyperlocal task management startup. In fact, Dunzo is the first company that Google invested in India. 

The business model is risky as reported by YourStory in this report. Apart from Dunzo, there are apps like Russsh (Mumbai based) who serve the same purpose. But services like Task Bob have already shut shop in the past.  

Also, several services like Time Saverz, Zimmber (acquired by Quikr) have pivoted to a home service specialist from being a task management platform. 


What do you think of Whizzy and similar services? Have you used any of the task management platforms, if so please provide your comments in the comment section?