Cold-pressed juice brand RAW Pressery is now the official partner of ”Mumbai Indians”, who plays in Indian Premier League. (IPL)

Fans will now have more choice within the stadium to choose from a range of healthy options that are natural, free of additives and has no added sugar, offered by the healthy beverage company. The collaboration with the biggest sport in the country is itself a result of rapid success and acceptance especially amongst the millennials and conscious consumers.

Speaking about the partnership, MD of RAW Pressery, Mr. Anuj Rakyan said, “Over the last few years, the demand for clean options for food and beverage has been rapidly growing in our country so it’s only natural that the biggest sporting event incorporates more choice for their fans. In a space that was dominated by the colas for years, we are excited and grateful that the Mumbai Indians have joined hands with us for promoting and choosing what is
good for India in the food and beverage sphere.”

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Cricket is a sport where physical fitness plays a key role so this decision by the teams to make a switch to clean drinks, will inspire a lot of aspiring cricketers and fans to follow suit. This is a great kick-start for RAW Pressery to reach a wider and relevant audience, the partnership marks the beginning of a new wave of conscious and healthy consumption.

“Today, the sports minded; be it the players or the fans, are more conscious and appreciative of healthy alternatives. We want to cater to everyone who comes to the stadium. we believe that having RAW Pressery on board will delight consumers who will see something innovative like a cold-pressed juice on offer while they enjoy the matches. We
are thrilled to partner with a brand that allows more choice to the fans,” said Mumbai Indians spokesperson.

At the stadium, refreshing juices will be a sensory add-on for an audience who is now happy to experiment and try new brands. It gives fans a new avenue to enjoy matches as well as healthy and tasty drinks. RAW Pressery will be available at the stadium, with its Mango flavour that has the seasons’ best Alphonso mangoes, refreshing Nariyal Paani, India’s first bottled Sugarcane juice and their best seller Valencia Orange. Each of these flavours aim to address different need states ranging from hydration to indulgence while being consistently healthy.

An honest brand that puts massive efforts in appealing to its target audience online – the constantly connected generation that watches even their cricket online, RAW Pressery will be the first-of-its-kind beverage brand to be pouring at this scale.

With RAW Pressery growing at a rapid rate online and through retail, the brand is easily accessible for anyone who wants to switch to the all-good side. The products are currently available across 13 cities, in over 2000 points-of sale and on e-commerce portals like Big Basket, Groffers, Amazon along-with its own home delivery platform on

About RAW Pressery:

Established in 2013, RAW Pressery pioneered cold-pressed juices in India. It is the nation’s leading cold-press beverage brand that makes Juice, Smoothies and Almond Milk that’s available across 13 cities in over 2000 points-of Sale. Their cold-pressed juices are not from concentrate and are never heated or pasturised which makes them a healthier option than regular or home-made juice.

Raw Pressery believes in innovative technology in manufacturing and distribution, the company aims to be the largest ‘clean-label’ food and beverage brand in India with global aspirations. The company believes that convenience of consumption should not result in the compromise of quality.

As a front-runner for clean-label products, all RAW Pressery offerings are 100% natural and free of artificial additives such as sugar, preservatives, concentrates, nectars and flavours. Additionally, each juice is crafted by a panel of nutritionists and sensory evaluation experts to cater to benefits such as weight management, metabolism, immunity etc. The company’s latest offering is almond milk (Unsweetened Plain, Cacao, Coffee) that offers consumers a lactose-free, vegan alternative to dairy. The driving force of RAW Pressery is encapsulated in the company’s philosophy “All Good. No Bad.”