When love brings two successful people together, a world of dreams and promises converge to create a world that’s greater. Rare is the love that makes you #GreaterTogether.

All new experiential innovation campaign #greatertogether by Platinum Days of Love tells you that to experience love, you need to experience it together with your partner. And the campaign is all about experiencing it together.

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers using brand experiences. It could be through events, live marketing or innovative ways using your smartphones. The overall objective is to create a lasting impact on your consumer. That makes them share this experience with their loved ones, friends, and relatives.

These experiences are real-time and create lasting, positive brand impressions. Though normal advertisements get your consumer’s attention, brand experiences will create a lasting impression. The ones which will make them say WoW.

#GreaterTogether by Platinum Days Of Love

Falling in love consistently has been described as this state of mind where one is expected to lose a sense of self. Modern couples today want to experience a love that not only helps them grow but also flourish. Not alone but together. A love that doesn’t dwarf individual aspiration and ability rather elevates you to accomplish more together in life – and that’s all about #GreaterTogether.

Platinum Guild International – India in its latest campaign #GreaterTogether uses experiential innovation marketing for the consumers to experience it together with their partner. The idea is to view the campaign film together which narrates the story of two couples who live their passion together and embraces success together.

Platinum Greater Together

Image Credits – PDOL website

The beautiful film revolves around two individuals – one a celebrated author and his counterpart a storyteller. What happens in their love is beautifully depicted in this ad film. Their love through sharing each other’s happiness, dreams, and promises to create their beautiful world.

You can watch the ad film below or on PDOL’s YouTube channel.

Brand Film – An Experiential Film

This insightful thought has been expressed through a unique and engaging brand film. This film takes the viewer on a journey of two individuals with complementary personalities and showcases how individually they are great in their fields with him being a celebrated writer, and her being a one-take wonder. But it is only when they meet and put their strengths together does end up creating a rare love that is #GreaterTogether!

One of the most unique aspects of this film is the usage of an innovative ‘split-screen tool’ as an inherent part of the storytelling to make the narrative more immersive, engaging and layered. Thus this is an experiential film that needs you and your partner to bring together your phones to watch the whole film. This creative concept only goes to show that together, we see things that maybe we would have missed by ourselves as you observe different activities taking place by the individuals we observe how sometimes their actions are perfectly complementary to each other while other times they form a complete whole.

What I liked most in this campaign is the innovative approach of viewing the ad film together with your partner. The split-screen along with the beautiful background score makes the experience of watching the ad film more engaging. The campaign website offers you two options – One to view the ad film all alone by yourself or to view it together with your partner. Your partner just needs to scan the QR code provided on the campaign website. Once it’s ready, keep both the phones next to each other and hit play. The concept here is that we see things better together. I was able to enjoy the film by watching it alone on a single screen. But the experience of viewing it together made it even more engaging since we both could enjoy the film and relate it to our lives.

Concept Of #GreaterTogether

Through its campaigns, Platinum Days Of Love (PDOL), has always followed a social discourse and always strives to redefine gender norms and approach the concept of love from a modern and progressive lens which also reflects platinum’s intrinsic value system. When it comes to relationships, the idea of togetherness has always been portrayed as a total of adjustments & compromises. Sacrifice has always been portrayed as inevitable & choice has been played down. However, in today’s times, a lot of couples have been redefining the idea of togetherness.

When two complementary personalities unite, a brand new identity is formed – one that is built over respect for individual uniqueness & what each brings to the table! This new identity stands for something ‘greater together’ than they do individually. With the launch of the #GreaterTogether campaign, PDOL celebrates love that creates a greater ’Us’ and doesn’t shy away to express this new identity to the world! It focuses on how couples are individual achievers in their fields but when they come together, they form an even more formidable force!

#GreaterTogether by Platinum days of love’s campaign film has been conceptualized and developed by Dentsu Webchutney.

Campaign Website – https://preciousplatinumindia.mobi/greatertogether/

Speaking on this new #GreaterTogether campaign, Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing India Platinum Guild International (PGI) said, “The progressive narrative around relationships today is the coming together of 2 accomplished individuals – coming together to create a greater partnership. Complementing each other, building off each other rather than pinning & pulling each other down. This truth is true for our collection, it’s communication & the experience too. It’s truly exciting when a powerful truth like this can sit at the core of the entire range of your offering. The conjoined viewing experience helps magnify this insight in a very simple manner.”