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Interesting facts that we don’t know!

Fact 1: The India Government Mint operates four mints in the country for the production of coins. They are located at: Mumbai, Maharashtra Kolkata, West Bengal Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Noida, Uttar Pradesh These mints are different and the coins minted in these places are also different. The Indian coins have a mark

Mapping ISO 9001 to Scrum Practices

Learn how to map ISO 9001 quality management system to a Scrum framework in an agile software development environment. via Mapping ISO 9001 to Scrum Practices.   This was first published in the above link on Nov-6th, 2013. i would like to know your

Mathrubhumi Insight – Revolutionizing Newsreading

Mathrubhumi, the leading News daily from Kerala, India has taken a step ahead in revolutionizing the news reading of India. Mathrubhumi Insight opens a new world on your mobile. A simple click on your android mobile or iPhone will open a new world of

More worries for Kerala Football

It’s that time of the season again when the rains has given way to the sun, the skies are clear, the days are brighter and the Indian football is back to action. The football calendar of India is mainly focused on i league and

Startup Dictionary

No investors? No money? No problem, just bootstrap it! Using whatever resources you have available as to avoid finding investors. Bootstrap! Now what’s that lingo! It’s often difficult for a startup or a startup founder to know the different terms and jargon’s used by

Is the Food Security Bill good for India?

This is one of the best answers i read for this title. Answer by Vivek Mandal: Is the Food Security Bill good for India? This is a very complex & technical issue, one which directly decides if India will be a ‘Breakout’ or ‘Breakdown’

Steps to file your income tax returns

If you are an individual earning more than 5,00,000 INR, then you must file your tax returns before August 5th 2013. Just follow these steps and file your taxes online. How to efile: Steps to file offline: 1. Download the applicable ITR (Income Tax

How do I become a business analyst?

5 steps finding your path to BA 1. Build your BA knowledge Learn business analysis and understand business analysis roles Read BABOK 2. Identify your BA experiences 3. Identify your leverage points 4. Build a development plan 5. Focus your opportunity search 6. Network

5 leadership lessons from MS Dhoni

One of the greatest captains that cricketing world has ever seen. I know it’s an over hyped statement. But the statistics speaks more than words. Born in Ranchi, Dhoni started his sporting life as a footballer later being moved to wicket keeper in cricket.

Goodbye Google Reader

So Google Reader will shut their stores on July 1. By now many of you have switched your RSS readers or may likely turn to new ones soon. Don’t stop reading because already there are new age RSS readers for you in store. Here I am

Doing business in India

The World Bank in association with international finance corporation publishes every year the report of a comparative survey on doing business in 185 countries with reference to issuing of construction permits, registration of property, getting electricity, access to credit, protection of investors, payment of

Business Analyst Career Road Map

The way the economy has been performing the last decade, sadly Business Analysts have been mischaracterized quite often as “Operational Efficiency Experts” or “Process Experts”. For many start-ups  as well as established businesses, they don’t see the need for a Business Analyst unless they go

Amazon launches its India marketplace

E-commerce giant Amazon has decided to enter the Indian market, with the launch of its marketplace, offering books, movies and television shows for sale initially. The company also says that they will be adding mobiles, cameras and many more to their product offerings. “Our

Can India produce a Mark Zuckerberg?

    I posted a question on Quora few days back “Can India produce a Mark Zuckerberg” and the response was marvelous. So i decided to collate it and make it into a blog and answer some of the questions and problems related to it.

4 things you can steal from Gujarat model

I know the title looks weird. Still I want to use it because if we don’t learn from Gujarat we have to steal it at least. Often we steal from others. So if you are doing so, steal something good and which will impact

Hero Hockey India League – New Lease of life for Indian Hockey?

8 time Olympic champions! Once the kings of Hockey, have been downgraded to a team which can be beaten by minnows of World Hockey. That’s Indian Hockey for you. Even the slightest of cricket fan in India might have seen Hockey when played against

Tax Payers in India

    It’s March and end of financial year again. It’s that taxing time of the year. So why don’t you know about the tax payers in India and how much they pay. According to Google, the population of India is 1,241,491,960 (2011 data). In

Revival of Kerala Football

So here we are again in the quarter final stage of Santhosh Trophy 2013, a tournament least bothered by the football fans of India and even AIFF. The 2013 Santhosh Trophy is the 67th edition of the tournament and Kerala is hosting the national

Stories tell more than a useful product!

Gone are the days, the brands using traditional media to reach out to their customers. Today there are millions of opportunities for the customer to know the brand. A powerful brand is more than just a useful product. The rise of social media has