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5 leadership lessons from MS Dhoni

One of the greatest captains that cricketing world has ever seen. I know it’s an over hyped statement. But the statistics speaks more than words. Born in Ranchi, Dhoni started his sporting life as a footballer later being moved to wicket keeper in cricket.

Doing business in India

The World Bank in association with international finance corporation publishes every year the report of a comparative survey on doing business in 185 countries with reference to issuing of construction permits, registration of property, getting electricity, access to credit, protection of investors, payment of

Amazon launches its India marketplace

E-commerce giant Amazon has decided to enter the Indian market, with the launch of its marketplace, offering books, movies and television shows for sale initially. The company also says that they will be adding mobiles, cameras and many more to their product offerings. “Our

Can India produce a Mark Zuckerberg?

    I posted a question on Quora few days back “Can India produce a Mark Zuckerberg” and the response was marvelous. So i decided to collate it and make it into a blog and answer some of the questions and problems related to it.