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2021 will see a strong surge in community driven conversations among the youth: Survey by Viral Fission

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The largest group of consumers today are Generation Z: True digital natives. According to a 2019 Bloomberg report, Gen Z made up for 32% of the global population, with India’s Gen Z population at 472 million. One of the major findings of the survey done by Viral Fission, a youth marketing platform says that over 75% of the Gen Z’s can be termed as a “brand loyal” generation as they stick with the brand of their choice for as long as possible and not look for an alternative unless absolutely necessary. Clearly indicating that brands need to start focussing on communicating directly with the Gen Z’s and it needs to be on the top of their to-do list!

Students, Gen Z, youths, the future generation. Call them what you like, they are here and they have purchasing power. This self-reliant and socially aware generation is vastly different from the meandering millennials. Over 90% of Gen-Z believes and supports the LGBTQ community, wants to talk about mental health within their circle also on social media platforms and break the taboos made by the society and they prefer brands who contribute to the bigger cause of the society.

The survey also highlights, Online gaming saw a 26% rise during covid times, 71% of the Genz installed games which are multi-players to stay connected with their circle. More than 50% of the youth had at least one gaming application installed during the lockdown phase. Health and online educational courses related app downloads have seen a drastic increase during the covid times, 54% of the youth have downloaded apps which are related to these sectors for the first time.

So what do they want from a brand and what kind of relationship should they build with their youth marketing strategy, what better than the Gen Z’s themselves helping the brand to create the targeted strategies.

Viral Fission brings a platform that bridges the gap between India’s energetic youth and the brands they love. They organised India’s one of the biggest community youth launch called ‘The Big Wave’ with which they onboarded 5000 young talents in the Viral Fission community. These talents who have been shortlisted through a regress selection process pan – India will now be working on tasks provided by Viral Fission and prove their mettle to win the most prized internship with their favourite brand.

The launch also witnessed youth icons like Rannvijay Singha, Jordindians and Prateek Kuhad inspiring the youths of the country to follow their dreams while working on it harder every day.

Shreyas Hegde, Co-founder, Viral Fission, said “We at Viral Fission strongly believe that the rapid pace of changing trends and behaviours will give rise to micro community-led conversations which will not only give one a sense of the demand side but also predict the landscape of the upcoming workforce/skillsets/marketplaces and business models. 2021 will see a strong surge in community-driven conversations among the youth as marketing communication is heavily cluttered in both traditional media and digital social media channels.”

Viral Fission offers a community-based youth network that co-creates unparalleled brand experiences. In this short span of 6 months, they already have 6 aspirational brands under their roster. They have collaborated with some marquee brands like Jio Saavn, One Plus India, Vice India, Myntra, Mirror Now and Noise.

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