Alia Bhatt ‘makes the first move’ with a Cornetto, in a new film by DDB Mudra

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Cornetto, the popular brand of frozen desserts by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. has launched a delightful film featuring Rohit Saraf and the brand ambassador Alia Bhatt. The campaign, ‘Make the first move’, is aimed at breaking the stereotype around the expression of love, which expects men to always make the first move.

Cornetto has long been a partner in the dating journeys of millennials and now the iGens. The brand has been known to lead the conversation around love and has taken a fresh, modern approach with its new campaign. The 360-degree campaign pans across television, social and digital platforms, which is headlined by the film.

Watch the campaign film below.

The film is an ode to the expression of love, where Alia plays a girl who is nervous about breaking the ice with Rohit’s character. She considers approaching him with a simple ‘Hi’ or asking him out on a coffee date over chat. The thought of asking someone out on a date makes everyone nervous.

The pressure of making it special contribute to the dilemma. The film puts an end to it by encouraging consumers – girl or guy to express their feelings with a gesture as simple as sharing a Cornetto. Instead, she decides to ask him, “Will you be my Cornetto?” The film ends as both share a smile and a romantic moment.

Speaking on the campaign, Maya Ganapathy, General Manager, Kwality Wall’s says, “Cornetto has always been the wingman for youngsters to express love and make the first move. In our latest campaign, Cornetto goes a step ahead to change the language of love by asking one out ‘with a Cornetto’ and ‘to be their Cornetto’. It also breaks stereotypes by entrusting the girl to make the first move, an idea that is sure to spark a conversation and perhaps a new trend. We couldn’t have asked for a better team than Alia, Rohit, and Gauri (Shinde), who have done a spectacular job of bringing this idea to life!”

Alia Bhatt adds, “I’m delighted to be a part of Kwality Wall’s Cornetto’s latest campaign, a brand that I truly love. This advertisement is a beautiful depiction of a girl making the first move and expressing her feelings with a Cornetto.”

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head – West, DDB Mudra says, “It’s not easy telling that special someone you like them. So, the next time words or even emoticons fail you, don’t worry. A Cornetto will suffice when you want to make your move. The campaign is light, sweet and ends on a high note – much like the Cornetto itself.”

In a world that’s becoming more equal, Cornetto has taken a step to showcase the changing dynamics of romance in the current times and hopes to encourage women to break the ice with their favourite Cornetto.