Free stock images for bloggers

Bloggers can make use of these websites for free stock images!

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Blog posts with text are good for SEO, but those with images attract more visitors. How? The images invite your visitor’s attention and increase the time spent on your blog post or blog. The blog without images is like a fashion retail store without any attractive display. Regardless of the clothes that the store sells, the in-store experience is equally important. The inshore experience with a lot of display and images keeps the customer engaged. Similarly, blogs with a lot of images attract more visitors and they engage more with your blog.

Free stock images for bloggers

The images help you to break the sea of texts in your blog post and it makes reading more interesting. With the emergence of Social media platforms, where images stand out, it is more important to use images that attract attention. We have seen a lot of blogs where good images attracted a lot of traffic. But with the rise of stock photography, the images are a lot more expensive today. Moreover, the bloggers are unaware of different laws that protect the usage of images in their blog posts. The good news is that there are a lot of stock image websites that offer free stock images. Remember, not all images are free to use!

All or majority of the images available in the stock photography websites are licensed under Creative Commons CCO. This means “you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission”. But there might be some images that still requires attribution. So it’s always better to do some research on your own before publishing your blog post with a free stock image.

Below are some of the websites which offer free stock images.

1. Pexels

Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through their discover pages. Currently, they have over 30,000 free stock photos. And every month at least 3,000 new high-resolution photos will be added. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by their users or sourced from free image websites.



StockSnap provides high-quality free stock images. All photos uploaded to the site are released under Creative Commons – CC0 and do not require any attribution. The platform is developed and maintained by Snappa, an online graphic creation tool.


3. Pixabay

Pixabay offers high-quality free stock images for commercial use. They have over 1,020,000 images in their collection and no need for any attribution. All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.


4. Unsplash

Over 200,000 free high-resolution photos brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers and above all do whatever you want with those photos. All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash.


5. Gratisography

Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions.


6. Startup Stock Photos

Free photos for tech startups, bloggers and much more. The website is owned by @estrattonbailey & @wearesculpt. This site is especially useful for tech-related startups.


7. StockVault

Stockvault collects and archives high-resolution photographs that photographers, designers and students can share and use for their personal and non-commercial design projects. Over 110,000 free stock photos with hundreds of new images added every week.


8. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is one of the most popular sources of free images for lifestyle, interior design and specialized bloggers in the World. The website is owned and maintained by Karolina. Photos can be used for commercial purposes but cannot be sold or redistributed.


9. Jay Mantri

Offers free stock images for commercial use. The site is famous for its beautiful city and landscape photography.


10. Foodiesfeed

Foodiesfeed is a resource of awesome naturally looking food photos that are completely free to download. Jakub Kapusnak started Foodiesfeed 3 years ago. Ever since, Foodiesfeed has been getting mentioned in large online magazines and blogs such as Forbes, Designmodo, Lifehacker, Buzzfeed, Ultralinx and many more as one of the best websites to get free photos.


11. Burst

Burst is a free stock photo site that is powered by Shopify. All the photos on their platform are offered under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means you’re welcome to use the photos for any purpose. The site is useful for designers, developers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to create stunning websites and marketing campaigns.


Further Reading & Resources for Stock Photo Libraries: 100+ Free (& Nearly Free) Stock Photo Libraries

12. Cupcake

Owned and maintained by Jonas Wimmerstrm. All images are licensed under the Creative Commons license CC0, which means that you are free to use the images without any costs.


13. Passel

Passel is not a stock image website but its more of a curated site. The site has a list of free stock images curated from well known free stock image websites across the internet. All images are free to use.


14. Open Photos

The OpenFotos-Project was founded to collect free images for almost any purpose and make the collected images easily searchable. OpenFotos is a community for royalty-free photos. No attribution is required. The pictures are either in the public domain (CC0-License) or under the Open-Fotos-License (OFL).


15. PicJumbo

Started by Viktor Hanacek, a 22-year-old photographer, online entrepreneur and life enjoyer living in the Czech Republic. In 2013 he has created this stock photo site with free pictures that are today used by millions of bloggers, designers and marketers all around the world.


16. Canva

Canva offers free stock images as well as a subscription-based service. On top of providing free stock content, Canva has also Photos Unlimited, a world-first stock photography subscription model offering unprecedented “all you can consume” access to a library of additional tens of millions of premium stock photos, at an affordable monthly subscription.


17. PikWizard

Free stock photos for commercial and editorial use. Huge library of stunning, high quality, royalty-free stock images. No attribution required.


Now that you have the list of websites that offer free stock images, use them in your blog. Even though most of the images from these websites do not need any attribution, it is good to give credit to the photos using a link back. It would appreciate their work and keeps them going.

Post your comments below on how do you use images in your blog and if you found any other stock image resource, please let me know so that I can update this post.


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