[Book Review] Fast Cheap & Viral – How to create game-changing content on a shoestring budget

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If you’re into marketing or content marketing and want to create content that goes viral, then this book is for you. There is no successful formula for creating viral content, but you can create share-worthy content, the one which encourages your audience to make it viral.

Fast Cheap & Viral – How to create game-changing content on a shoestring budget is written by Aashish Chopra, VP of Content Marketing, Ixigo. He is also an award-winning viral video marketer who has created many viral videos.

Now, let’s get into the book and I am listing down a few take aways from the book which will help you to gauge whether this book is a valuable investment of your time.

How to create content that goes viral? 

How to create content that goes viral?

There is no one-shot success formula to create viral content. Rather, the author says, we need to create share-worthy content.

share-worthy content

But what is share-worthy content? Isn’t all content share-worthy. At least, that’s what the content creators think!

This book explains the type of content that is share-worthy and which has the potential to go viral. It’s not an easy task to achieve. But the author details a process using which you can create share-worthy content.

Fast Cheap & Viral

This is one book you can keep going back to again and again, every time you’re planning a content marketing campaign.

You can buy your copy of Fast Cheap & Viral using this link – bit.ly/fastcheapviral

Key Takeaways:

Create content for mobileSmartphone usage is increasing and most of the content consumption is on mobile. The video dominates your social media feed. Hence create content for a smart device and create content optimized for the device. Also, make sure to optimize it for the social media platform as well. Every social media platform has its own size and dimensions as per the content format. (video, static posts, Images etc)

Attention Span

It is the audience that makes your content go viral by sharing it, talking about it and making sure it reaches all over the internet. You have to gain the audience attention in the first few seconds. To be precise, in the first 3-4 seconds. Otherwise, your content is not share-worthy.

What value your content provides?

Your content should provide some value to your users. It should not be about the brands, products or services. But it should talk about the people who would use those products or services. So that they can understand the value that the brand brings to them.

IUCTC. Sounds Similar? No. Not IRCTC!

IUCTC - Fast Cheap & Viral

To streamline the process of generating ideas for share-worthy content, the book defines a framework. IUCTC. Every content generation process should pass the IUCTC framework. If not, the content is not share-worthy.

Storytelling beats production value

Story telling beats production value

Aashish, at Ixigo, runs all his campaigns through an in-house team. Ixigo doesn’t have an external agency to create & run their campaigns. Many companies and brands still live with the myth that video production is an expensive affair. In fact, it’s not!

The production value must be determined by where the audience will watch your video, the size of the screen. TV, print campaigns might be expensive compared to digital and require external teams. But if you have a small in-house team, you can take the digital way, which is inexpensive than traditional media.

As the author says, when you are low on resources, you’re forced to figure out things by improvising and experimenting. Get your creative hats on!

Distribution is everything

Distribution is everything

Every content marketing campaign should have a great distribution plan. You cannot just hope that your audience will find your content and sit back! The game is about reaching their hearts and getting authentic engagement. By engagement, it means conversations around your content and not likes!

Only when you see engagement, you need to spend money on promotions. Till then, wait and plan your distribution.

Fast Cheap & Viral - Aashish Chopra

Since many examples quoted in the book are from past Ixigo campaigns, it will be nice if you watch those videos as references. It will give you a real-world experience of the concepts explained in the book.

You can buy your copy of Fast Cheap & Viral using this link – bit.ly/fastcheapviral


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