Budweiser 0.0 #RuleTheNew Campaign

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Remember the “Binod” trend on social media and brands have been quick to tap the moment marketing with some quirky and witty creatives. In the case of Binod, it was a YouTube comment which started the trend and social media took it up.

How about a brand starting a trend on social media platforms. Yes, Budweiser India has kickstarted a trend on Instagram called #RuleTheNew.

In a bid to inspire and empower consumers to safely adapt to the new normal, Budweiser 0.0 unified creator communities and individuals across the country. As we press play on our lives, individuals across the country are eager to step out and socialise. However, the challenges posed by the current times demand a new sense of responsibility.

To champion this change, the brand crowdsourced innovative hacks that showcase ways in which people are cautiously moving forward and resuming their routine activities.

The campaign witnessed tremendous participation from the masses, as they got together to develop innovative solutions to help one another. These are available to view on the Rule The New Instagram handle.

If Binod was an unexpected trend, Budweiser’s #Rulethenew trend is a wisely executed one.

Recently, there has been a surge in conversations around the initiative, with many participating in a growing trend – ‘Forget The Old, Rule The New’ – that seeks inputs from individuals on how life, as we know it, has changed, and what is the manner to effectively rule the new. Though the communication was kick-started by Budweiser, it has been picked up by a plethora of meme pages, individual accounts and other brands on Instagram, who have participated to highlight their take on it. Some of the notable brands are Wynk Music, Bank Bazaar, Zee Tamil, Voot Select.

There has also been an evident spillover on Twitter, with government bodies and brands like Tata Capital, Emitra Rajasthan, Rajasthan Sampark, Department of IT&C Rajasthan, Kenstar appliances and Mamy Poko fueling the trend.


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The moment marketing is a kind of FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. Brands like Amul, Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo are some of the best when it comes to moment marketing. So now, most of the brands want to capitalize on the moment marketing and social media trends in order to be visible in the social media world. Thereby stay relevant as well.

Moreover, campaigns like #Rulethenew is a way for the brand to engage with its audience. What’s in it for the participating audience? A chance to be featured in Budweiser’s curated ad film.

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