Zee Studios Hindi Diwas Campaign

[Case Study] How Zee Studios gave a fitting tribute to the beautiful language on Hindi Diwas?

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Digi-Osmosis created a campaign for their client Zee Studios to give a tribute to the beautiful language on Hindi Diwas by using Devanagari Script / Hindi Script, a language spoken by over 425 Million Indians.

Zee Studios’ campaign for Hindi Diwas leveraged social media platforms to highlight the legacy of this rich language through the recollection of some of the finest gems of Hindi Cinema. This case study explores how the power of a language unites and evokes true emotions through their emphatic dialogues and songs.

With theatres being closed for more than 6 months, for now, the audience has started to miss going to the theatres to enjoy the latest releases. The feeling of experiencing a mass entertainer is an unmatched one, as it not just an enticing activity, but a communal affair as well. On the contrary, with so much consumption of social media in English or Hinglish language, there is a dearth of consumption of social media content created in the Devanagari script.

Since there is a lack of social media content that is created, curated and published in Hindi, Zee Studios decided to engage their audience in a language that is spoken by 425 million people in our country. They did that by relaunching the posters of their top films in Hindi, along with posting some UGC around some of the most iconic Hindi dialogues of those films, with a twist.

The campaign by Zee Studios was aimed to appreciate the beauty of the language and how deeply it is enrooted in our entertainment-consuming habits. Leveraging the star power of the talented actors and the gripping, enthralling pieces of cinema, the brand changed its language of communication for a day across platforms and interacted with their audience in Hindi, to pay homage to this beautiful language on the occasion of Hindi Diwas.

Being one of the top producers of Hindi films, Zee Studios decided to create a campaign that highlights the significance of the language in our rich history of cinema. Since popular Hindi dialogues and songs occupy maximum share in our pop culture, Zee Studios identified the best of the lot to celebrate Hindi Diwas.

Creative Idea:
One of the driving forces behind this campaign was to refurbish the influence of Hindi in the entertainment industry. Keeping that in mind, the tone of the conversation and the primary communication was kept in Hindi, to dumbbell down the effect and even reach the audience, which likes to engage and communicate in Hindi. The display pictures, cover photos, username and even bio and description of the account were changed to Hindi for a day, to give a hint to the audience as to what to expect on 14th September 2020.

One of the prominent challenges that came across was the duration of the campaign. Unlike others, this was to last only for a day. Therefore, Zee Studios had very less time to introduce the concept to its audience and create an experience for them. Another challenge was that since Hindi Diwas isn’t one of the marquee dates to create a campaign, it was uncharted territory as there were few to none references to get inspired from.

A day prior to Hindi Diwas, a teaser was launched emphasizing the numbers on the clock turn to Devanagari as soon as the clock hits 12 am giving a gist of us gearing up for this day! CTA was to tune in to the social pages at 12 to witness what was in store followed by a revamp in the page from English to Hindi.



Zee Studios Hindi Diwas Campaign

















Furthermore, the brand took it up to create a 9 grid post on their Instagram feed showcasing the timeline of their films. These posts, when seen on the feed, formed the words हिन्दी दिवस.

Zee Studios Hindi Diwas Campaign

To top it up, the brand had some engagement-driven content to keep their audience engaged in the campaign. A series of Instagram stories were launched using the Ask me feature where our audience were asked to translate the famous dialogues of Zee Studios films from English to Hindi.

The campaign was highly successful and received great engagement from the audience.


The campaign reach has been over 200K across platforms and has managed to have an impact that was the need of the hour.


Zee Studios is one of India’s leading movie production houses, that always pushes the envelope to bring newer, engaging stories to entertain their audience. Ever since its inception, keeping consumer interests at its core, Zee Studios has consistently set new trends for the industry to follow. Stories like Mom, Parmanu and Qarib Qarib Singlle has received critical acclaim, while movies like Rustom, Secret Superstar and Dhadak has secured a very special place in the hearts of people ranging across demographics.

Talking about the initiative, Neeraj Joshi, Marketing Head – Zee Studios, said, “The idea was to make Hindi ‘cool’ through a pop culture which, in turn, is strongly influenced by cinema in this country. Bollywood and its audiences largely think and speak Hindi but we believed adding a layer of Devanagari text to our visual communications would be a great way to celebrate the language.

Manish Kumar, CEO & Founder, Digi Osmosis added “Digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Voice Search etc are seeing the biggest growth coming from Regional and local Languages and are predicting regional languages as the future. The young group of users is hungry for information, entertainment, and engagement in their mother tongue. So when Zee Studios’ team spoke to us about this brief we were all geared up to unleash our creative bug to build a cool yet important campaign to celebrate the rich heritage of our national language and bring in Devnagri, creative communication and pop culture execution which the young social audience relate to.”

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