Chupa Chups launches the first-ever dual-flavored Mix Up Lollipop

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Chupa Chups, one of India’s most loved lollipop brands, has dialled up the fun with the launch of Chupa Chups Mix’Up – India’s first-ever dual colour, dual flavour lollipop!

Brand to leverage its innovation equity to recruit new consumers looking for differentiated experience

Chupa Chups had earlier broken through the category codes with another innovation combining two formats – lollipops and bubble gums (Chupa Chups Gum Filled Lollipop). The new ‘Mix-Up’ variant will reinforce the image of Chupa Chups as an Innovative, young brand, especially for those who seek a full candy lollipop with a differentiated experience.

Chupa Chups Mix’Up comes in two delightful flavour combinations: Mango + Orange flavour; and Watermelon + Pineapple Flavor. Developed using state-of-the-art technology, the lollipops have been fortified with fruit juice content & Vitamin C that promises a juicy experience to the consumer. The distinctive orange-red, and yellow-green colour combinations make the lollipop a feast for the eyes as well as for the tongue!

Chupa Chups Mix up Ad

Commenting on the new extension, Mr Rajesh Ramakrishnan – Managing Director, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “We are delighted to expand the Chupa Chups portfolio with the launch of Mix’Up. The category benefits from innovative product extensions like this. Chupa Chups Mix’Up will not only help us recruit new consumers who are looking for differentiated offerings but also help in retaining interest from brand loyalists who have more to look forward to. With Chupa Chups, we continue to explore newer, never-tried-before formats to maintain the brand’s growth while up-ageing and premiumizing the category.”

The new launch is supported by a TVC building on the brand promise of forever fun among the target audience. The TVC shows a bunch of teenage friends having fun by effortlessly mixing the real and virtual worlds – overlaying pictures and videos on their phones onto everyday real-life situations, leading to outcomes that are hilarious for them and the viewers. All this is inspired by the fruity blast of Chupa Chups, which always espouses the philosophy of ‘Karte Raho, Fun Fana Fun Fun’.

Speaking about the product and the campaign, Rohit Kapoor, Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “With the launch of Mix’Up, Chupa Chups enters the full candy lollipop segment which in turn unlocks a huge growth opportunity for the brand. Being one of India’s most loved confectionery brands, Chupa Chups has always believed in spontaneous fun. This communication campaign brings alive the same belief. We believe that this launch campaign will increase the relevance for Chupa Chups in the fast-growing lollipop category and improve both saliency and shares for the brand. The campaign shall be provided 360 support with TV, digital, product sampling and POSM part of the mix.

Speaking about the campaign Shahrukh Irani, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather India and Saurabh Kulkarni Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather India said “Chupa Chups has built its brand image by constantly introducing products that are playable and fun. Mix’Up Candy Lollipop is another such great product. To bring alive the mixing of two flavours we showed a bunch of teens who turn mundane stuff around them into fun.”

The new Mix Up lollipops will be available in neighbourhood stores across the country and is priced at INR 5.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India

Production House: Qisse Films

Director: Luv Kala

About Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups is a brand of Perfetti Van Melle, a leading global confectionery group producing and distributing candies, toffees, Jellies & chewing gums in more than 150 countries worldwide. Chupa Chups was launched in India in 2016 and is present in the lollipops and extruded jellies segments. Chupa Chups Gum Filled Lollipops are available in four exciting flavours at INR 5 per pop, while the extruded jellies portfolio comprises of Sour Belts (INR 5/belt), Sour Bites (INR 10/bag) and Sour Tube Minis (INR 10/bag).