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Watch the collection of Diwali ads 2021 here. (Part 1)

We will be compiling and adding Diwali ad films that brands are creating in the build-up to the festival of lights.

Cadbury Celebrations | Not Just A Cadbury Ad

The campaign was executed by Ogilvy and Wavemaker along with Shah Rukh Khan’s star image using AI to create customised ads for local shops. Let’s bring sweetness to this Diwali by supporting our local stores. The dynamic advertisement is served through the ad server based on your pin code and the area you’re watching it from. The ad features specific stores across the country. To make your version of the ad, click here:


Amazon India | This Diwali, Let’s Deliver The Love

Some people are a special family and this year don’t forget to deliver the love to them yourself. A heartwarming story of delivering love to unsung Covid heroes.


Vivo India | Celebrate the Joy Of Homecoming this Diwali

Vivo India’s “Joy of Homecoming” celebrates the bond and togetherness of families with its smartphone photography capabilities.

2020 Diwali was difficult for all of us. Most of us couldn’t travel or go home for Diwali to celebrate with our family and loved ones. This year, the situation is much better. Travel is bouncing back.

This heartwarming Diwali film by Vivo aims to bridge the emotional and physical distances between the families and spread happiness through smartphone photography.

This year, it is all about homecoming and reuniting with loved ones after a long time. vivo has effectively captured these emotions in the film to stir the memories via the power of pictures. Truly the joy of homecoming.


Mastercard India | Kyunki Kuch Khushiyan Hai Priceless

Yeh Meri Diwali. This Diwali, bring light and joy not just inside you but celebrate the festival by sharing a little part of your happiness with your loved ones. Kyunki Kuch Khushiyan Hai Priceless.

This beautiful film by Mastercard India captures the priceless moments of one’s life during the festival, urging them to cherish those little beautiful moments that make Diwali special to each person.

The brand serves as an enabler to make it happen, creating many priceless moments along the way!


Citi India | Uninterrupted Celebrations with Citi

Kyunki Kuch Khushiyan Hai Priceless – Live Life Uninterrupted! And what better than good music to sail through the tough days and cherish this festive season with your loved ones!

The last 19 months have been relatively difficult for all of us. Hrithik & Shankar Mahadevan decided to create a festival anthem and give a surprise celebration for their loved ones!

Song has been composed and sung by music legend Shankar Mahadevan featuring Hrithik Roshan.


Amazon Prime Video India | Apno Wali Diwali 

This Diwali, Amazon prime video India urges its viewers to log out and spend time with family. With this campaign, Amazon prime wanted to remind us that prime video and the world of their favourite stories and characters are always going to be around. But they shouldn’t miss the beautiful opportunity to celebrate the festive season with their loved ones.


HP India | Diye Se Diya Jalao

This festive season we should capture the true essence of Diwali and brighten the celebrations of those around us. The film is conceptualised by Studio Simple and directed by Milind Dhaimade.


Realme India | Hope For Great Things

Being close to our dear ones during the festive season is always special. Family and loved ones make life feel beautiful and NEO. This Diwali let’s make an extra effort to brighten up someone’s Diwali with even more happiness.



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