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Watch the collection of Diwali ads 2021 here. (Part 2)

Greenlam Industries | Celebrate Diwali at home

There is only one way to spend Diwali, that is with your family at home. And if someone suggests otherwise, well now you know. Conceptualized by Mirum India, the ad takes on the importance of taking time out to celebrate at home and celebrate home, this Diwali.


Dizo | #ClichedDiwaliAds

Dizo, the brand from Realme, calls out the cliched Diwali campaigns with a unique creative spin. The film showcases relatable and nostalgic scenarios, which almost every Indian family experiences during the festive season. The film captures the true essence of India’s festive mood with a light-hearted take on the most commonly used format of storytelling, and yet integrates their product in a non-cliche way.

The campaign was executed by White Rivers Media.


Greenply Plywood | #YahanRishteBasteHain

Seldom do we realize that our furniture stands to witness all the major ups and downs in our life. There are precious memories that are linked to our interiors that fill up our homes. In this short film, watch an elderly couple with their children living away, come to terms with letting go of a dining table that is too big and is of no use to them anymore, only to realize the special role the table plays as Yahan Rishte Baste Hain.


AU Small Finance Bank | Badlaav Humse Hai

AU small finance bank’s Badlaav humse hai campaign urges the viewers to start changing themselves this Diwali.


Haldirams | Apno Ko Laye Aur Bhi Paas with Haldiram’s

Haldiram’s campaign shows how every family member adds a different flavour to the essence of this Diwali.


Vi | #LookUp

As the world around us is lit, it’s time to shut our screens. Celebrate with your loved ones.


Axis Bank | #PauseTheBargain

Axis Bank campaign intends to highlight the struggles of small and medium businesses and also mobilise sentiment towards supporting SMEs in these current, challenging times.


Wipro LED Lighting | Add brightness with smartness this Diwali #SurprisinglyHuman

The ad film showcases different uses of smart lighting in our homes.



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Watch the collection of Diwali ads 2021 here.