DDB Mudra Group reveals the real #ScaryFacts, this Halloween

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DDB For Good, a specialized business offering from the DDB Mudra Group, has launched an internal Halloween campaign, #ScaryFacts. It’s an effort to bring attention to some alarming facts with a collection of hard-hitting statistics shown in spooky visuals.

DDB For Good leads the campaign, invites brands to collaborate to drive social impact

With this campaign, DDB For Good is inviting purpose-driven brands to collaborate and drive positive change in the world we live in.

DDB For Good is focused on creating social impact. It partners with purpose-driven brands, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives and social impact organizations, and harnesses the power of creativity to impact lives and create meaningful change.

Speaking on the initiative, Rahul Mathew, CCO, DDB Mudra Group said, “We’re using the occasion of Halloween to throw light on facts that make the world a scary place. And through DDB for Good, we would love to partner with any brand who wants to make a difference and to make these facts less scary.”

Watch the films below.

Scary fact 1: In India, about 23 million girls drop out of school every year due to periods.


Scary fact 2: Five riders die every hour. Simply because they weren’t wearing a helmet.


Scary fact 3: Every three seconds, one student attempts suicide in India.


Scary fact 4: Delhi wastes 40,000 litres of petrol in traffic jams, every day.



Creative: Rahul Mathew, Manish Darji, Godwin Dmello

Strategy: Anand Murty, Netra Ramachandran