Dunzo ropes in Sunny Deol for their first ever TV advertisement

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Catch Sunny Deol and his epic Bollywood dialogues for the launch of Dunzo Daily, its grocery delivery service.

Imagine you ran out of garlic while preparing rasam or butter for paneer butter masala, and it takes 1 hour to deliver groceries in your locality. Particularly, during the pandemic, owing to the fear of stepping out, you need some service that can deliver you groceries in under 15 minutes.

More than necessity, fear of the pandemic has made us order consumables online.

As an everyday solution for everyday grocery needs, Dunzo has launched its all-new delivery experience – Dunzo Daily.

Online delivery within minutes and free delivery has helped us to shift gears from our earlier habit of shopping & storing groceries for a week or a month.

The Dunzo Daily has launched with a promise of delivering your groceries in 19 minutes. They intend to expand to have a Dunzo Daily experience within a 5 km distance from every resident in the city. Dunzo has delved deep into consumers’ buying habits to stock the Dunzo Daily stores with the most frequented grocery items.

The grocery-related drama in families draws parallels with Bollywood’s famous scenes, dialogues, and songs. This was the thought process that shaped Dunzo Daily’s launch campaign – Grocery ka drama chhodo, Dunzo Daily karo.

The 360° campaign, complete with a series of ad films, print ads, online and offline marketing activities, aims to educate the user on the benefits of ordering groceries on Dunzo Daily. Created in Dunzo’s signature tongue-in-cheek tone of voice, this campaign will feature some of India’s favourite movie stars being overly dramatic about their everyday grocery problems.

The opening film showcases Bollywood superstar Sunny Deol’s character, visibly upset over the delay in his current grocery order. Impassioned, he reprises his famous dialogue “Tareekh pe tareekh” from the 1994 film Damini, describing to his wife the hassles of ordering groceries, until the green glow of Dunzo Daily magically appears to solve all his grocery problems.

For the launch of the campaign, an Instagram reel featuring Sunny Deol on the sets of an ad film reprising his iconic dialogue “Tareekh pe tareekh” was released. Since the reel was devoid of any brand association, it further sparked curiosity in the audiences and managed to go viral against Sunny Deol’s wishes.


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Spread over the duration of over a month, the subsequent campaigns will feature other film stars, each bringing their own flavour with surprise throwbacks and familiar references. Given the fact that the Dunzo Daily experience is beginning its rollout in Bangalore, some of the content has been tailored to cater specifically to the likings of Bangalore audiences.

The campaign has been entirely written and conceptualized by the in-house brand team, and shot by Basta Films.

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