FabAlley in its Women’s Day campaign urges women to take a break from ‘Aaj Ki Taaza Expectations’

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This International Women’s Day, FabAlley, one of India’s leading online fashion labels for women, shines a light on the unrealistic and never-ending expectations that weigh them down by launching the ‘Aaj Ki Taaza Expectations’ video campaign.

There’s still a long way to go before we break away from the shackles of gender bias and gender roles, and this campaign urges women to set themselves free from all the pressure that society asserts on them and focus on celebrating their achievements and being proud of their journey.

The film is a satire of all the day-to-day societal pressures that a woman has to endure. It highlights how women are expected to conduct themselves with little concern for what they desire. It talks about how women are expected to be ace multitaskers by perfectly balancing their work and personal lives, and prioritizing everyone else’s needs without question while ignoring their own.

Echoing the sentiments of millions of women across the country, the video showcases the harsh reality of how everything is already planned for a woman from the day she is born with little freedom left to make choices of her own.

Watch the campaign film below.


Commenting on the campaign, Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar, Co-Founders, FabAlley share, “At FabAlley we have been making constant efforts to motivate women to embrace and love themselves. As a brand, we want to empower women and encourage them to lead their lives on their terms. With the ‘Aaj ki Taaza Expectations’ campaign, we want to reiterate that there is still a major disparity within the society where expectations from men and women are concerned. Women should be set free from these antiquated pressures and restrictions that dictate how they are expected to conduct themselves. Equality is every human being’s fundamental right, however, inequality of expectations often undermines the true construct of equality. Being a brand for women, by women and of women, we want to empower the women of today into walking away from expectations that don’t serve them–and taking charge of their own lives.”