Glance emerges as the go-to platform for music, movie and OTT content launches in 2021

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Some of entertainment’s biggest names including Netflix, Sony Music India, and Warner Music India are now also leveraging the power of Glance LIVE on the lock screen to drive buzz for new releases.

Lockscreen content platform Glance has emerged as a platform of choice for new launches by major studios, music labels and OTT services in 2021. An increasing number of entertainment brands including Netflix, Sony Music India, Warner Music India and more, are looking to leverage the power of lock screen to drive buzz for new shows, movies and music. With over 150 million active users and highly engaging, interactive LIVE content, Glance is progressively becoming a significant part of its launch strategies. The platform has gained substantial popularity in recent times.

Recently, entertainment fans interacted with Raveena Tandon and Parambrata Chatterjee, stars from the Netflix thriller Aranyak, through interactive live streams on Glance LIVE. Blockbuster releases such as Bell Bottom and Mimi, starring actors like Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi and Pankaj Tripathi had entertaining, exclusive launch content tailor-made for the Glance lock screen. The promos for these movies garnered over 100 million impressions.

Music labels also chose Glance lock screen to launch singles and albums by some of their top artists. Coldplay’s song ‘My Universe’ in collaboration with the K-Pop band BTS, along with an exclusive video message from the band, got millions of impressions. Warner Music India’s ‘Echo’ music campaign garnered 158 million impressions. Sony Music India also partnered with Glance to promote their Punjabi song ‘Surrender’, which got 189 million impressions. Even Indie musicians such as Sony’s Asim Riaz have used the platform to reach new listeners, with his debut song receiving 165 million impressions on the platform.

Glance helps users discover content based on their likes and preferences on their lock screens. It also offers interactive features such as reactions, comments, AMAs with celebrities and hosts, polls and more. This enables users to become part of conversations in real-time and elevates engagement levels.

Glance is one of the leading brands to pioneer AI-powered personalized content, and our deep association with Glance has given us an added advantage to leverage our reach and visibility amongst music listeners,” said Sanujeet Bhujabal, Executive Director, Sony Music India.What we have admired and appreciated is Glance’s overarching support to all kinds of artists and music for Sony Music India – be it tracks from emerging artists like Pina Colada Blues & KASYAP to Superstar Raftaar’s Ghana Kasoota. In addition, their live interaction feature has enabled us to connect with the audience directly and foster that much-needed excitement and engagement they seek,” he added.

“With relevant, interactive content, Glance enjoys the undivided attention of audiences which brands and artists alike are tapping into,” said Rohan Choudhary, Vice President & GM, Glance Feed, Glance. “Heightened awareness, greater recall & increased business impact – goals that marketers continue to struggle with within the digital era – can be attained by leveraging mobile’s front page & its unique possibilities. Major players from the world of movies, OTT services, and music are discovering the benefits of partnering with Glance and we expect to see more such collaborations in the coming months,” added Choudhary.

Earlier this year, artists and bands including Tiger Shroff, Harrdy Sandhu, Badshah, and Ed Sheeran have used Glance for their content launches. Offline events such as music festival Musicathon, ZeeLive’s Super Moon House Party, and the Seedhe Maut live gig, have also been promoted through live streams on the platform.



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