Gozoop and Pink Belt Mission unite to launch #IWantMyPinkBelt, a movement and an idea aimed to make every woman of our country feel safer

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Pink Belt Mission, a Non-Profit Organization, is encouraging the citizens of India to sign a petition and make a plea to the government to help bring alive the concept of a safety device for women, through their #IWantMyPinkBelt campaign. The Guinness world record-holding NPO has designed a one-of-a-kind concept of an assault alert device, that will have features like live GPS tracking which can alert the nearest local authorities, medical centres and family members with just the press of a button, enabling women who are in danger to get protection and/or access to medical aid on time.

Through a poignant video, mirroring the harsh reality that a lot of women in our country face, the digital-first campaign showcase just a glimpse of how multiple women face assault, emphasising the perilous state of safety in our country. According to the National Crime Records Bureau while there are over 300 acid attacks reported in India each year and 1 Rape was reported every 13 Minutes, the campaign urges the viewers to be a saviour and join the Pink Belt Mission in revolutionizing the state of safety in India. The video encourages the viewer to sign a petition and start a movement which will be used to put forward this concept to the government, with hopes of
this assault device becoming a reality one day.

Conceptualised by Gozoop, one of India’s leading digital-first integrated communications companies, the campaign has a holistic approach to create thought-provoking conversations and comprehensive debates, seeking the government’s help and address #IWantMyPinkBelt as a campaign highlighting the need of the hour.

Aparna Rajawat, Founder, Pink Belt Mission, shares, “Even after years of women demanding to be treated with respect and dignity, a lot of our women still face assault – emotional, physical, mental and even financial. Women have long been victims of different types of abuses – on the streets and even inside their own homes. The #IWantMyPinkBelt campaign is conceptualised to find a solution where we can put the power in our women’s hands. As The Pink Belt Mission organisation, we want to create an unbridling impact in the lives of women by building a community and encouraging people to join us in our journey of making India a safer country for women, with the government’s assistance. While our concept is still just a thought, we hope that our efforts will be seen by the government and will one day become a reality to protect our women.”

Commenting on the campaign Amyn Ghadiali, VP – Business & Strategy, Gozoop said, “#IWantMyPinkBelt is a concept that we have crafted together with the hope that one day it will become a reality. The day it does, it not only will harness the power of technology but truly contribute to the vision of Digital India. This is a humble effort on our end to help make India a safer space for women, an effort to ensure that in the future our women can live freely knowing they have an entire country supporting them when it comes to their personal safety”.


#IWantMyPinkBelt is a war cry, a humble movement to make the nation come together and provide the basic human rights our women need and rightly deserve. We want our united voices to be heard by the government so that one day we can say our efforts lead to a safer space for our women. This is not just a digital campaign for us, this is so much more. Every single day we see stories about women becoming victims of assault and while our blood boils we feel left wanting to do more. This is the MORE we can do and we hope our concept sees the light of day.

About The ‘Pink Belt’ concept:

A concept of a device designed in the form of a band to be worn around the wrist by a woman serving as her protector. The concept of the product has been designed to have a button, which upon being pressed triggers an alert through an inbuilt SIM card. The alert from the product is shared with the nearest police station, who can then dispatch personnel to the victims’ location and the right steps to help her can be taken. The same alert can also, possibly, be shared with family and nearby medical centres. The safety device will be embedded within the coating of a silicone casing for durability & other functional requirements linked to your GPS location without the need for any internet accessibility.

It will also have inbuilt sensors which will get activated upon extreme force, so if an attacker tries to pull or break the device an automatic alert shall be triggered with the victim’s exact location.

About Pink Belt Mission:

In 2016 the founder Aparna Rajawat started the Aaleya Welfare Society to sponsor education for poor kids. Later, she started Pink Belt Mission to strengthen every Indian woman by providing them health awareness, safety techniques, legal rights, cybercrime, self-defence, computer literacy, and vocational training to prevent sexual and domestic abuse.

With a belief that Strong women make stronger communities, Pink Belt Mission focuses on encouraging and supporting women by spreading digital awareness, giving safety education to handle any kind of abuse, and giving vocational training to start their own micro-business.

They also aim to support unprivileged children in the community by focusing on education for poor children, help kids with special needs, support handicapped people to start a marginal business and provide welfare schemes for elderly people medical support. They offer career counselling for young people to continue their financial education, and platforms to develop their sports and cultural talents.


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