#HarHaathMeinHaiCello – BIC Cello brings back nostalgic memories of school days with a quirky rap song!

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BIC Cello, one of India’s most recognized stationery brands and leading manufacturers and distributors of writing instruments, has recently launched a video campaign in the form of a rap song called #HarHaathMeinHaiCello. The video aims to highlight the role of BIC Cello in the educational sphere through a quirky, catchy song that resonates with teachers and students alike.

BIC Cello #HarHaathMeinHaiCello

The launch of the video stems from BIC Cello’s commitment to education. The video, #HarHaathMeinHaiCello, highlights occasions where BIC Cello has been the perfect companion for students throughout their educational journey. Whether it’s learning how to write, transitioning from the use of pencils to pens, having smooth handwriting, or even trusting a reliable product during exams, BIC Cello was always there for students and has never let them down.

The video shows past and current generations of students experiencing the highs and lows of school. The film highlights the BIC Cello pen and the positive experience it provides students. #HarHaathMeinHaiCello also highlights the diverse range of BIC Cello products, from Butterflow to Maxwriter to gel pens, which are suitable for every writing need.

Watch the campaign video below.

Commenting on the occasion, Director of Marketing at BIC Cello, Tanveer Khan, said: “BIC believes in staying relevant to trends in the market whilst remaining close to its brand promise, the joy of writing. Through #HarHaathMeinHaiCello we aim to reaffirm our commitment to education by staying close to students and their experiences, generation after generation, as well as ensuring that our products at BIC Cello remain an extension of a student’s personal self-expression. The future of any country is shaped in the classroom and education determines a generation’s future. We are committed to bringing this message home through fun and engaging campaigns.”

#HarHaathMeinHaiCello will be showcased on BIC Cello’s digital channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as on Amazon Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) and GDN effective August 21, 2021.

Campaign Credits:

  • Agency: Motivator, GroupM
  • Chief Creative Officer: Dheeraj Kumar
  • Creative Team: Dheeraj Kumar, Kenneth Fernandes
  • Brand Planning: Kenneth Fernandes, Dheeraj Kummar, Pooja Chipkar
  • Account Management Team: Rahul Shah, Kenneth Fernandes
  • Production House: Daku Productions
  • Music Director: Aditya Narayan & Nayantara Bhatkal
  • Director: Sidhant Chowdhry


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