How Creative Injection boosted one of India’s most active blogging community’s website engagement, blogger acquisition, brand story and Alexa Rank?

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Agency In Focus is a series of industry case studies where we will highlight the innovative work of digital agencies across India.

In this story, we will go through the case study of a Mumbai based digital agency Creative Injection. How Creative Injection helped one of India’s most active blogging communities to improve their website engagement, blogger acquisition, brand story and Alexa rank?

An interesting case study on the end to end revamp of the brand with an engaging story, website innovation and using tech/analytics to improve user acquisition, engagement and retention.

Brand: Blogchatter

One of India’s largest and the most active blogging community boasting more than 2000+ bloggers from across genres.

Agency: Creative Injection, Mumbai


With the blogging community growing in numbers, it became increasingly challenging for the brand to manage bloggers’ data. The community was scattered with content generation, sharing & consumption happening on different social media platforms. For brand campaigns and partnerships, profiling and shortlisting bloggers was a cumbersome process.


The Task

  1. To provide a single platform where the community could converse & share blogging experiences, thereby eliminate multiple channels.
  2. Manage bloggers data at a click of a button.
  3. More value to bloggers and improve engagement on the platform.


Creative Injection realized the immediate need to have a unified platform that served as a single source for all content creation, consumption and sharing of blogging experiences and data. This was coupled with developing various features within the platform to help blogger’s get more insights about their blogging journey. This added value for the community and created multifold engagement opportunities for the brand to keep the community involved and engaged.

  • New Brand Logo

Blogchatter new logo

  • A new Brand Video aimed to build excitement for bloggers within and outside the community.
  • A new platform where bloggers can publish, consume and interact with like-minded people from the community.
  • Enriched blogging experience with key insights for bloggers to improve their blogging journey and explore new avenues.
  • A reward system to incentivize the experience in the bid to sustain the engagement and interactions within the community.

New brand video of blogchatter

Revamped Website of blogchatter

Blogchatter new Website



  • Average Time Spent on the website improved from 4 mins to 15 mins
  • The bounce rate improved from 33% to 10%
  • Alexa rank increased to 584 from 4000
  • After the website revamp, it is now easier to identify the most engaged bloggers and their behaviour


About Creative Injection

A creative & design agency based out of Mumbai with a lot of passion for branding, social and digital marketing. Established in 2010, they have worked with National and International clients offering services like advertising, design, social media, strategy and other creative services. Having worked with over 150+ clients in 5 different parts of the world, their creative solutions are crafted to solve business problems in a sophisticated manner.


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