How to be Smart & Accurate with Facebook Ads Algorithm?

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Facebook, created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, connects you with your family and friends online. Facebook also evolved with time. Today, Facebook is not just a social networking site, it’s one of the biggest digital advertising platforms with an active user base of ~2.39 billion.

Facebook is the most used digital marketing channels by brands of all types. The platforms unique range of audience provides brands, an opportunity to target their potential customers through ads. When these ads are planned, designed and executed properly, they will generate results that can increase brand awareness and helps to sell more products & services.

But these days, Facebook ads have become smarter. Marketers have to be smarter than the algorithms to achieve optimal results from their paid ad campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

In this digital era, every brand is on a digital platform. Facebook is the most common and widely used digital platform. Due to its popularity and reach, the platform has been overloaded with ads. Due to this, the ads are losing their true essence and attention-grabbing ability. The change in the Facebook algorithm has affected the organic reach of these ads. The brands are competing among themselves to garner good, quality engagement. This forced a lot of marketers to invest in paid ads.

It’s high time that marketers need to revisit their Facebook marketing strategies. The brands need to include paid ad strategies along with quality content to be successful in their marketing campaigns.

The below points will help marketers to run a successful paid ad campaign.

1. Well Planned Advertising Strategies

Brands need to design and plan goal-oriented strategies if they want to thrive in the evolving world of social media marketing. They need to revise their objectives and have a proper, executable marketing plan. In the growing digital advertising era, brands should focus more on CPM (Cost per Impression) than CPA (Cost per Acquisition).

Marketers should focus on creating an audience that’s more understandable, qualified and engaging to get a tangible ROI from their paid ads. To get qualified leads and enhance brand awareness, brands need to improve their Facebook ad strategy. Once they excel in their ad strategy, they can double the number of leads that they get from these campaigns. Marketers can also start retargeting once they have sufficient data to work upon. Remarketing and follow-ups pools should be strong enough so that the leads can be converted at every stage of the transaction.

2. Content Quality

Content is considered the king in a digital world. No matter how you slice the pie, content forever will be important for effective advertising. If marketers do not have good quality content to back it up, then no strategy, however brilliant and excellent, will bear the fruit. Creating high quality and relatable content for the audience can keep them engaging. Marketers need to be creative and smart enough while planning the content for a Facebook advertisement.

3. Visual Content

Visuals are the most effective form of content. The visual content helps in engagement as well. These forms of content have a larger recall value. It’s very important that marketers need to invest their time in designing visual content that creates a lasting impact on their audience’s mind. A creative and high-quality visual content helps the brands reach and connect to a much larger audience.

As Facebook ads algorithm become smarter, brands should start adopting smarter ad strategies and create high quality, engaging content. If you want to gain a reputation in social media as a brand, then you need to be smarter than the algorithms. The best way is to create quality content that drives engagement.

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