How to make Instagram Stories worthwhile

How To Make Your Instagram Stories Worthwhile!

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Is your business using Instagram Stories? And, if not, why are you missing out? Maybe you have tried but weren’t blown away by the results. That’s understandable. While the idea is simple – a fun look into the life of you as the business owner or a behind the scenes look at your business, execution may fall short.

Because, even though the concept is meant to be fun, it doesn’t mean that you can take too many shortcuts. In this post, we will examine what might make an Instagram Story fail and what can you do to prevent making these mistakes.

How To Make Your Instagram Stories Worthwhile?

How to make Instagram Stories worthwhile

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The Content Is Sub-Par

Great videos and images draw people in. Unfortunately, this tends to be something that a lot of people forget. They take the informal nature of the medium a little too far. Think of it this way. If you were watching a video and it started off with bad sound or extremely bad lighting, would you think, oh well, let’s see if it gets better? No, you would switch it off.

The same applies to content that although well-filmed is as boring as watching paint dry.

Do consider getting in a creative team to get you started. Yes, they will charge for the consult, but you can learn from everything that they do. At the very least, see someone who can help you come up with a winning strategy going forward. You can handle the execution if you have a firm direction in mind.

Also, shift the focus of the content. Shift away from, ‘I want to say’ to ‘They want to know’. Provide content that the audience will find interesting and useful.

Do you want some great ideas on what types of content have done well with Instagram Stories?

The infographic that provided below gives you a whole bunch of ideas. The case studies presented will let you see how big brands have been approaching Instagram Stories.

You Assume They Know What Is Going On

Just recently I have seen a few ads that made this fatal error. They were on YouTube and not on Instagram, but the principle is the same.

These ads had great visuals but no speech and no text. The upshot? I saw a car riding around. Was that what I was meant to zone in on? Actually, as I finally found out a few videos later, the ad was about the tires.

My point? You cannot assume that people are going to know what the offer is. I watched the ad and thought – “what a nice car.” That means that the funds spent on that ad were wasted. Never assume anything. Treat your clients as though you need to spell everything out for them because often you do.

On the bright side, Instagram Stories is a powerful way to get your message across. Just make sure that you take the time to find out what your audience is looking for, and that any offers you put out there are crystal clear. Provide top-quality, interesting content, and your work is done.

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