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Innovative way to hire new talents – InVideo launches the coolest hiring campaign with Rahul Subramanian

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Popular stand-up comic Rahul Subramanian was in for a pleasant surprise when he received a communication from the web-based video editing platform InVideo. The communication invited Rahul to associate with a hiring campaign for InVideo. Yes, you heard it right — a hiring campaign!

InVideo has launched a unique drive to hire talented engineers and the platform is going the unconventional way to reach the best candidates. Here is Rahul’s LinkedIn post.

Mr Sanket Shah, Founder and CEO of InVideo, said, “The culture of InVideo has always been to speak the truth or not speak at all. We are a passionate young team and our platform is fast becoming the darling of content creators who heavily rely on video editing. We didn’t want to settle with a dull job invite. Our unique campaign is the reflection of our product and the work atmosphere at InVideo.”

To gauge just how unique is their hiring campaign, check out their posts inviting job applications. One of them reads:-

—   #ProductionDatabase fix kia, toh zinda ho tum.

—   Kabhi #Release k liye all nighter pull kia toh zinda ho tum,

—   Kabhi #Local ka code #Server pe run kia, toh zinda ho tum,

—   If #StackOverflow is bookmarked, toh zinda ho tum.

InVideo is looking out for such ‘Zinda Dil’ people.

The below video shows how Rahul used his LinkedIn as part of this campaign to announce about the hiring process of InVideo.

InVideo is also going to leverage Rahul Subramanian’s Experimental Internet Comedy to hire the best engineering talent in the country. Furthermore, InVideo will also be using LinkedIn’s algorithm to reach out to engineers from all over the country.

This is not the first such unique communication campaign by InVideo. Prior to this, famous YouTuber Chris Record has also recorded a rap to promote the InVideo platform. You can check out the “Made On InVideo” rap below —

So get on board and make the video of your choice on InVideo and if you think you have the talent to work with the platform, apply here —

InVideo is built on the belief that the future of video creation is in the browser, across devices, collaborative and easy. They are re-thinking the video stack from the ground up and making content creation as frictionless as possible. The company currently employs 80 people from across the world. InVideo is part of the no-code/no-skill movement and allows amateurs and professionals alike to create high-quality content optimised for social channels in minutes.

InVideo has close to 800,000 users to date across more than 150 countries who have created videos in over 75 languages.

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