“Life wouldn’t be the same without tasty dishes”, says Zomato in their new email campaign

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Zomato is known for sending very good emails as part of its email marketing strategy. The heading as well as the content of the email delivers a sense of humour and curiosity among the users. This helps them to maintain an above-average click to open ratio.

As part of their Holi campaign, all the registered subscribers received an email from Zomato this morning. The email title goes like this “Life wouldn’t be the same without tasty dishes”. Rather than blatantly saying Happy Holi to their users, they followed the tried and tested email template. To use humour.

Below is the entire text of the email from Zomato as part of their Holi campaign.

Zomato Holi Campaign

This is not the first time Zomato has been sending mind-blowing emails. Their email about the CV of a Biryani and the wedding invitation of Sambar & Dosa is quite famous.

As per various reports, only less than 20% of the email recipients open an email. Before building an email marketing campaign, one of the most vital factors to consider is how many people read and engage with your emails. This is a great indicator to show if your efforts and resources are worth the investment.

This is what makes Zomato different. They list among the top when it comes to social media content marketing and engagement. Their email campaign is a good example of how email marketing works and how to make interesting emails.

Below is one such example of Zomato where they send us a CV of biryani.

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