Mamaearth in its new campaign says Doing good is #BeautifulInDeed!

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Mamaearth has announced its latest campaign ‘Beautiful InDeed’, which aims to reinvent the traditional definition of beauty.

Over the years, beauty has been accepted as only external looks and this definition has been passed down over centuries. However, Mamaearth endeavours to turn this concept around and redefine beauty as an act of goodness; big or small, that goes beyond just good looks.

Having been committed to adding value to society with a toxin-free product proposition, with this campaign the brand is challenging the norms that go beyond the conventional.

Watch the campaign film below.

Agency: Social Panga

The film starts with a little girl named Jia, the central character of this campaign who has a birthmark on her face that doesn’t fit into the traditional mould of beauty.

On her first day at school, she is not able to make friends and is forced to sit alone. When she returns home with a glum face, her mother sits her down and explains to her that good deeds are what makes us truly beautiful. The next day at school, she notices her classmates struggling to fix their ruined project and runs to help them.

She is unable to complete her project, and when the teacher asks her about her project, the girl she helped, happily announces her as a part of their team. Being appreciated and accepted for her actions, Jia realizes that beautiful deeds are indeed the true essence and definition of beauty.

‘Every act of Goodness makes us truly beautiful’ is the key message of the campaign.

Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth, said, “More often than we realise, we fall prey to the most conventional norms of beauty and classify people as beautiful based on their external features. However, innately we all know what makes someone charming, or endearing is their actions, and we have tried to relay the same sentiment through the film. The campaign ‘Beautiful InDeed’ aligns perfectly with all the values we truly believe in. From day one, we have built the brand on the premise that we want our products to be free of toxins and full of natural goodness. This is what makes every Mamaearth product truly beautiful because we make the effort to capture only the goodness inside.”

Gaurav Arora, Co-founder, Social Panga, said, “Mamaearth has always believed in goodness in the choices we make. And the campaign puts this purpose into action. Through #BeautifulInDeed, we wish to position Mamaearth as a purpose-driven brand that values actions and makes consumers feel like they are a part of something bigger. The brand film is the emotional journey of a young girl who learns that being beautiful is actually in the actions we choose to do. The film perfectly establishes the thought that beauty indeed lies in what you do, not how you look. By telling the story of a little girl, we hope to provoke thought across age groups, and hopefully add more meaning to the word beautiful.”