McDonald’s India – North & East launches a new campaign for Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer Grilled Burgers

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McDonald’s India (N&E) is going ‘Burrraaahh’ in their latest campaign, for the newly introduced Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer grilled burgers. The light-hearted and quirky ad film showcases the customers’ excitement, expressed through a hearty ‘Burrraaahh’, upon experiencing these burgers for the very first time.

The film opens with three friends standing in a queue to place their order when one of them goes ‘Burrraaahh while scanning through the menu at a McDonald’s restaurant. The guest service crew at the counter reciprocates with an enthusiastic and reassuring ‘burrraaah’ and place the order. The film then focuses on a father-son duo enjoying their meal at the restaurant observing this all along and getting curious and excited to understand the expression everyone is sharing.

Commenting on the campaign Mr Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East said, “Burrraaahh is the way our North Indian guests express the feeling when they experience excitement, joy and delight together. Our new ad film perfectly captures these emotions our guests experience while consuming our Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer grilled burgers.”

The taste palette of these grilled burgers is inspired by the delectable world-famous north-Indian makhani cuisines. We are sure that these burgers would make our customers go ‘Burrraaahh’.

Watch the campaign film below.

“Fans of Punjabi food are instinctively going to fall in love with the new McDonald’s butter chicken & paneer grilled burgers. And like you’d go ‘Ooh-la-la’ on trying a lovely French wine, or ‘Bravo!’ on tasting an original Italian pizza – when we took our first bite of the new burger, we instinctively went, ‘Burrraaahh!’ Through the film, we wanted to show the same happiness that we experienced while enjoying the new burger. You’d go ‘Burrraaahh!’ when you try it”, said, Iraj Fraz Batla, Creative Head – North, DDB Mudra.

Inspired by local Indian flavours, McDonald’s India North & East recently launched Butter chicken grilled and butter paneer grilled burgers. The burgers are available across McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India through dine-in, takeaway, drive-thru, McDonald’s app and through McDelivery (including Swiggy, Zomato and Magic Pin).