Mohey redefining rituals with a new gesture of ‘KANYAMAAN’

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Paving the way for wedding season, Mohey, women’s leading bridal wear brand (from the house of Manyavar) has launched a wedding campaign film featuring Alia Bhatt, celebrating every bride in a way that they should be. The wedding campaign fuelled with emotions celebrates the brides and families who rethink wedding traditions in modern times and redefine them into progressive ones. In a refreshingly new manner, the film presents a small but significant gesture of respect and equality, that could herald a change. A change from Kanyadaan, to KANYAMAAN.

Infusing meaning to the rituals surrounding weddings, Mohey’s new campaign emphasizes how change starts with one’s own choices. The new ad film features Alia Bhatt with a beautiful message of celebrating & respecting the happy union.

Mohey ’s new wedding campaign Kanyamaan is celebrating the invincible woman who with her choices is altering the narrative of cultural norms and practices. Through the film, Mohey’s brand ambassador Alia Bhatt questions the conventional beliefs that require a daughter to conform to being ‘given away’ at her wedding. She chooses on her wedding day to rethink rituals, stating what Kanyadaan means in modern times, making it more equal and progressive for her present and future generations.

The film opens with Alia reminiscing her childhood days where she is being constantly reminded by her grandmother and parents how one day she will have to walk away into her new role as a bride, wife and daughter-in-law. She repeatedly questions and asks ‘Alag ho jaana, paraaya ho jaana Kisi aur ke haath saunpa jaana…Main koi daan karne ki cheez hoon? Kyun sirf Kanyadaan?’ Riddled with a plethora of emotions on her wedding day, Alia glances at her family and pensively recalls all the prior conversations around her Kanyadaan. When the ceremony begins, the pundit gestures the parents to give Alia’s hand into the groom’s. As a response, in a surprising move, the groom’s parents come forward to take his hand and join in the ceremony with the bride and her parents. All six pairs of hands together, with Alia’s hand on top, represents a new wave of ritual – Respect for the daughter & welcoming her into the family with KANYAMAAN. Celebrating the happy union together!


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Always striving towards thoughtful, culture shaping meaningful narratives that surround the momentous occasion of wedding, Vedant Modi, Chief Marketing Officer, Vedant Fashions Limited, said, “Mohey has always symbolized the progressive women of our society. Through this commercial, we have tried to bring about a shift in the mindset of the general populace while being respectful and fervent towards our traditions and rituals.”

Commenting on her experience of working on this thought-provoking campaign, Alia Bhatt shared, “I believe in this thought and this is something very close to my heart. I am glad that I could be a part of this film and convey a message that might bring about a positive change in the society”.

The television campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Shreyansh Innovations. “We have always believed in empowering women and our main thought behind making this film was to convey a strong yet non-preachy message that will strike a chord. With Alia on board, we have been able to put forth our message poignantly and subtly,” Director of Shreyansh Innovations, Shreyansh Baid opined.