On World Tailor’s day, Siyaram’s has unveiled a new campaign to celebrate the hard work of tailors

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On the occasion of World Tailor’s day on 28th Feb, Siyaram’s Silk Mills Ltd. has unveiled a new campaign celebrating the hard work that tailors do.

The campaign focuses on the connection between a tailor and his customers, and the joy they share – The joy of the customer who gets to wear something delightful, and the tailor who gets to bring these positive emotions to others.

Watch the campaign film below.


Speaking on the campaign, N Gangadhar, VP, Marketing, Siyaram Silk Mills said, “Through Kahani Karigar Ki, we wanted to celebrate every tailor everywhere, no matter how big or small. We recognise the crucial role that tailors play in the lives of our brand and of our consumers, and we are delighted that this campaign recognises their incredible contribution to the happiness of every person their clothes drape.”

The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by AGENCY09.

Saheb Singh, Senior Manager – Brand Strategy, AGENCY09 adds, “Tailors are an important part of our brand’s ecosystem. They are the very first users of Siyaram’s fabrics, and we wanted to honour them through this campaign while capturing the connection between an individual and his go-to tailor.”