PlanetSpark launches its International Women’s Day campaign, “#TheMuteButton”

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Communication Skills-focused EdTech platform, PlanetSpark launches “The Mute Button” — a month-long Women’s Day campaign, aimed to initiate a chain of dialogues against the suppression and misinterpretation of women’s voices.

The campaign commences with a gripping video that depicts how women’s confidence is threatened throughout their lives with their opinions being “muted” across occasions. During this month-long campaign spanning throughout March, PlanetSpark will bring out real-life stories from the world over, wherein women in various capacities are taking charge to empower people’s voices.

Additionally, the brand will also engage in interactive sessions with female leaders from various male-dominated fields, wherein, these women will share their own experiences of being muted or judged or misinterpreted on matters of importance. Through these candid conversations, EdTech aims to cast light on the ingrained culture of ignoring or suppressing women’s share of voices across social and professional aspects of their lives.

Watch the campaign film below.

Sharing her perspective on Female Voice Subjugation, PlanetSpark teacher, Pamela Chakraborty says, “It’s unfortunate that most women have limited rights to speak or share their opinions in Indian households, especially in front of their male counterparts. However, this is where the problem starts. This toxic culture conditions both men and women in a way that even after growing independent when women share their opinions, they are considered blunt; when they take control, their judgements are questioned; when they share their stories, they are not believed. Driven by cultural indoctrination and gender-bias interpretations, all women—across the world—are restricted from free speech.”

“More than 90% of PlanetSpark’s teachers are women and they have faced situations throughout their lives wherein their voices have been ignored or overpowered by society. Despite having their opinions and stories unheard life-long, today they mentor children not only on communication skills but also the importance of “speaking up”, which is a huge inspiration for the entire PlanetSpark team. Being an EdTech that focuses on Communication Skills and promotes “vocal confidence”, we wanted to address these limitations faced by women around the world, on the occasion of International Women’s Day,” says Kunal Malik, Co-founder, PlanetSpark.

“Through a captivating video, we have taken an out-of-the-box approach to highlight various life situations wherein women’s judgements or opinions are not taken seriously. The video represents an imaginary “Mute Button” that countless women have to struggle against, in their lives. In addition to the video, the campaign will also bring out the similar experiences of leading female figures, in a series of Instagram live sessions,” says Shomo Sen, Creative Director, PlanetSpark.

The campaign will be live on PlanetSpark’s official social media handles, across March.