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Plix drives the message of ‘Boosting Immunity a must’ through the campaign #MyUnlockStory with Rannvijay

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The global pandemic has pushed everyone inside the four walls of their home, making people rethink their movements and actions. Plix, a plant-based nourisher has launched a campaign #MyUnlockStory to create awareness about the importance of building strong Immunity and holistic living.

The campaign conceptualised and executed by Gozoop has seen unique traction of around 13 million people on Instagram along with participation from 150 celebrities, cricketers and fitness influencers wearing a mask and creating awareness about building a strong immune system.


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The campaign conceptualised and executed by Gozoop kicked off on 5th October with Ranvijay Singha leading the cause by posting a video on Instagram talking about, how important it is to take care of our health and build a strong immunity especially now that we enter the Unlockdown phase and help the nation get through the pandemic together. Rannvijay also urged everyone to share their inspiring stories on how are they fighting the pandemic and encourage other people.

Since the day it has kicked off till now the campaign has seen a unique traction of 13million users on Instagram. On the first day of the campaign itself, there was an engagement of over 3million people across the social media channels.

As a part of the campaign, Plix has opened up a challenge where the users on Instagram has to post a picture with a mask and talk about how they have unlocked their immunity during the pandemic. The best story will receive a hamper worth 20,000 RS from Plix.

Plix - The Plant Fix

To create further awareness, 150 influencers including Manan Vohra, Aditi Gowatrikar, Natasha Noel, Preeti Janghiani, Yuvraj Walmiki etc. from various dimensions of life such as fitness experts, nutritionists, celebrities came on board with Plix and urged everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle and focus on strengthening their immune system.

Plix - The Plant Fix

Speaking about the initiative, Rishubh Satiya, Founder & CEO, Plix said, “Based on our research we saw that people have been overworking due to the work from home setup and many have tend to ignore their health needs. With the help of collective participation and support to this movement, we aim to educate people about the importance of Immunity and holistic living. At Plix we always believe, that everyone should be taking care of their nutritional needs, hence our product range caters to every individual who is striving hard to stay strong during this pandemic.”

Talking about the strategy, Divya Kurup, Associate Director, Public Relations, Gozoop said, “During this pandemic, each and every individual has strived hard to fight their way out. We felt there is no better way to inspire everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle by collectively coming out and speaking about it. We wanted to reach out and connect to the community with our story emphasising on building immunity inspired by people from various walks of lives and the positive little changes all have experienced in the lockdown phase.”

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  1. Immunity is one of the factor to fight with not only corona but also with other diseases. Before corona pandemic people were careless about their immunity. Now these days people are thinking about their immunity and health also.

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