Invest or Harvest? Crypto Fruits ft. Startup Enthusiast – Saving Money is Easy with Jar App

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Jar App’s recent ad film is something that the people in the start-up world can relate to. Brilliant ad and it’s taken as an everyday conversation between two techies in the start-up world.

Jar is a daily gold savings app that lets you save money. It invests spare change from your online transactions into digital gold, automatically. Jar is the 1st Made in India app to come up with an innovative solution to save money daily (to help millennials and Gen Zers develop a habit of saving and investing) & invest in digital gold.


For eg, if you spend Rs.27 on Paytm, or make any transaction digitally, Jar will round it up to the nearest 10 i.e. Rs.30 & the difference of Rs.3 would be automatically invested in digital gold.


Watch the commercial below.

Agency: Poetic Potato & Elaachi Media

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