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These Influencer Collaborations will take the marketing to next level!

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Recently, Influencer marketing has come under scanner in India (courtesy of singer Badshah). The role of influencers in promoting a brand has gone up in the last few years. The brands will find specific influencers in their respective area and pay them to promote their brand. The influencer will do a YouTube video or an Instagram IGTV/Reels with a demo of the product. It has become very explicit along with poor content, that the audience has lost interest.

But recently, three brands stood out in their influencer collaborations – CRED, Schindler India and KFC. The execution and the content of these collaborations were fresh and out of the box. Moreover, it was a classic example of how good content can create virality with influencer marketing.


The stand-up comedy artist Rahul Subramanian’s ‘Building Uncles’ series where he enacts one of the uncles whom we see in our neighbourhood. The content is superb and it created a lot of buzz in social media. In one of the films, he nicely integrated CRED, the credit card payment app. [CRED founded by Kunal Shah]

Schindler Elevators India

This is more of a normal campaign executed by an advertising agency and not an influencer collaboration. But the agency Ginger Monkey who conceptualized the film has roped in Nearbuy co-founder Ankur Warikoo. After quitting Nearbuy, Ankur is creating content nowadays and he is popular in the start-up circle as well as in social media. Moreover, Agency Ginger Monkey’s founder himself is an influencer, Abhishek Asthana aka Gabbbar Singh on Twitter. He shared the video to his 1M followers on Twitter.

Moreover, Schindler Elevators India Instagram handle had created a filter for this pronunciation challenge. Several leading influencers took part in the challenge, thereby amplifying the reach.


KFC collaborated with ScoopWhoop and the content creator Akshay Nayar. Akshay is famous for quirky, witty songs.  Akshay did a ‘Chicken Leg Piece’ song for KFC.

Influencer marketing if did in the right way can be very useful for the brands. The reach and the effectiveness are directly proportional to the followers of the influencer you select. In all the above collaborations, apart from the good content, it has created a lot of conversations and engagement for the content, which in turn is beneficial for the brand.

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