Vedantu’s new ad campaign questions why only students should carry all the burden of academic progress

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Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning, has a very serious question for Indian parents and students. Learning is a collective effort, so why hold only students responsible for their academic progress? Vedantu’s new student-centric campaign, Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP), provides the answer to this burning question, and in the ad film featuring Aamir Khan, the brand highlights that better academic results are not only the student’s and their parent’s sole responsibility.

Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP) assures predictable learning improvement for students from their previous year’s exam results and JEE-Main/NEET-UG rank. Students will be assessed across six proficiency levels based on a globally accredited benchmark test to accomplish this goal. Their progress will be tracked regularly by Vedantu through periodic evaluations and shared so that parents are assured of their child’s progress.

The ad film series is conceptualized by Tilt Brand Solutions and their in-house production, StudioT. The campaign will be spread across all platforms such as digital, social media platforms, OTT’s, and television.

“We are student-obsessed and keep learners at the core of everything we do. We believe that learning is a collective effort, and the academic progress should not be only students’ and parents’ responsibility, therefore the whole system needs to assure accountability of their progress. Hence, Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP) is our commitment to take complete ownership and accountability of the students’ academic improvement. Our campaign is focused on reaching out to parents, to address their concerns regarding their child’s academic performance, through a series of relatable films which resonates with both parents and the children. This is a bold, industry-first initiative where Vedantu is challenging the status quo to take the complete onus of the assured progress of our student community. We believe that we need to shoulder this responsibility with parents and learners. After all, we exist because of them, and this conviction acts as our guiding principle,” said Kunal Dubey, Head of Marketing, Vedantu.

JEE Stress, Ko Karo Less

JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams to crack. So why is the entire burden on the students alone? Shouldn’t the responsibility and pressure be shared equally? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, watch the film here.

Papa’s Volume Vs Beta’s Marks

Papa’s volume has an inverse relationship with bacche ka marks. But is papa right in thinking that achieving good results is only the student’s responsibility? Or should it be shared equally? Watch the film to know more.

Adarsh Atal, Senior Director Creative and Content, adds about the campaign, ” The Vedantu Improvement Promise is probably the sincerest foot forward by any ed-tech brand in guaranteeing an improvement in a child’s education. Keeping this sincerity intact we took the simple insight of how everyone around gives advice, tips, tricks and even scolds the child to improve their results, but no one takes any guarantee of assured results. Given the current times, these films have been shot in the safety of home. And so, we turned the adherence to that protocol into the execution idea of Aamir playing all these different characters, who give out unwanted gyan, with the addition of social media filters to amplify the execution idea.”


About Vedantu:

Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning in India. It offers individual and group classes across K-12 and test preparation segments. Students can take individual or group classes on its APP or website online. Classes are delivered in a LIVE Real-time, interactive ONLINE learning environment. Students & parents can access free content, LIVE masterclasses across subjects, micro-courses, and daily assessments. 150,000 students study LIVE every month on the platform and more than 40 Million users every month from 1000+ cities and 40+ countries access free content, tests, doubts, videos on Vedantu’s platform and its channels on YouTube. To know more about Vedantu log on to or download the Application on your Android or iOS devices.

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