Why did McDonald’s change its logo to mcdOalds?

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McDonald’s recently replaced its iconic golden arches logo with a new one across its social media channels. The caption to their Twitter post read, “TikTok made me do it.”



McDonald’s decided to join a TikTok influencer, Emily Zugay, a graduate in design, who has gone viral for sharing her opinion on global brands’ logo designs and how these companies can make them look more interesting.

Emily’s redesigned logos were used by other brands as well such as TikTok, Doritos.

Listen below to what Emily had to say on McDonald’s redesigned logo.



Emily Zugay has also posted videos showing how she would redesign logos for global brands such as Starbucks, Apple, NASA, TikTok, Nascar, Doritos, Tinder, Adobe, Amazon among others.




Immediately after McDonald’s posted the change on their Twitter handle, their followers and other brands jumped into the conversation.